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Balcony, terrace, garden: how to easily create a vegetable garden?

First of all, you have to define a location. Ideally, choose a place where the sun gives, the vegetables always grow well there. In warm soil, plants take root and seeds emerge faster. It’s crazy how much you can grow on 1m2. A vegetable table is sufficient on a balcony. With four vegetable squares (provide 120 to 140 cm per side each), you will already have enough to take care of in the garden.

To prepare the ground, finished the drudgery of digging, with the raised vegetable garden, on table, on pallets or in bag., Because we create pretty vegetable gardens on the balcony or the terrace. In the garden, we focus on new trends: the forest mound! We compose a pile of wood which begins to decompose, we add soil, we place a net and we plant, guaranteed results! Just like with the lasagna vegetable garden, where you plant your seeds on a superposition of layers of vegetable waste, straw, pine needles and compost.

Should we amend ? In good soil, everything grows. We forget the basic fertilizer in favor of compost or recycling garden waste in layers. The result: XXL vegetables.

You don’t know which vegetables to choose? Preferably regional varieties which are well adapted to the soil and local climate. In garden centers, also trust the organic range.

The inratables ? Seedlings of mesclun, beans, radish and spinach are safe bets. For the rest, buy ready-to-transplant salad, tomato and zucchini seedlings. Enough to make a beautiful gourmet gardener!

Do not hesitate to fall for perpetual vegetables : leek, rocambole onion, sorrel-spinach… they are a godsend for gourmet gardeners! Finally, indulge yourself with strawberries cascading down in a hanging basket, raspberries in the ground … We love summer fruits!

To optimize space, pay attention to planting distances. We recommend that you plant three times closer than the planting distances indicated on the label or recommended in the guides. This guarantees you a harvest of young and tender vegetables with a rapid turnover.

Do you know the good ones companionship ? Tomato-basil, salad-radish and carrot-garlic pairs work. They grow side by side without ever competing with each other, and while protecting themselves from disease. Avoid replanting a leafy vegetable, root or fruit in the same place so as not to exhaust the soil.

⋙ The right associations for good harvests in the vegetable garden

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