Bethesda Starfield Release Date and More Details Unveiled

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2023 is going to be an important year for the gaming industry. Starfield, one of the most-awaited games is set to release this year. Developer Bethesda Game Studios recently confirmed that the game is all set to launch in the ‘first half’ of the year. According to speculations, Starfield is most likely to release in April. 

Starfield is undoubtedly the most anticipated of the upcoming Xbox Series X games, and the excitement among the fans is real. This upcoming game is a new IP from the team behind some of the best RPGs of all time. Starfield will let the gamers define their place in the galaxy and chart their own path between the stars. 

Here is everything to know about the game and its release date. 

When Will Starfield Release? 

Microsoft Gaming has confirmed that the Starfield release date is set for the first half of 2023. The new RPG was originally set to release on the 11th of November, 2022. But the idea could not get materialized. At that time, the game developer stated that the Starfield release date had been moved as it wants to achieve its ‘incredible ambitions’ for the game, explaining that it wants the gamers to ‘get the best, most polished version’ of the experience. 

What are the Platforms of Starfield? 

The game is set to launch as an Xbox Series X console exclusive, and Bethesda has also confirmed that the RPG will launch on PC. It is the result of Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media that took place in 2021. 

The deal included Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 creator Bethesda Game Studios. As a part of the Xbox Games Studio Collective, this game will be made available for direct purchase and through Xbox Game Pass/PC Game Pass from the day of its release. 

Will I be able to play Starfield on PS4 or PS5? 

As stated, Starfield is a part of the Xbox release. Thus, whether or not you can enjoy this game on PS4 or PS5 remains out of question. The creative director of Bethesda, Todd Howard, stated that the ability to focus on a smaller number of platforms would make for a better product. 

What is the Story of Starfield? 

One of the most main questions that have been keeping gamers curious is the story of Starfield. The core plot of the game is a closely-guarded secret, although Bethesda has laid down a few details for curious gamers. 

According to the developer, Starfield takes place in 2330, 20 years after the two largest factions in The Settled Systems – The United Colonies and Freestar Collection – engage in a bloody Colony War for territorial control. You will assume the role of a member of Constellation, an organization of space explorers trying to navigate what remains of the aftermath. 

Reportedly, this game will be 20 percent bigger than the previously released games – Skyrim and Fallout 4. 

What are the Features of Starfield? 

While the release is awaited, you can get an insight into the essential features of the game, including its mechanics and systems. The demo starts on a bug-infested planet where the player mines iron from a cave before heading into the Kreet Research lab. You will come across that the Crimson Fleet, one of the many Starfield factions is plundering for treasure. It has hostile pirates that will also give you a chance to see some Starfield guns in action. 

The combat possesses similarities with Fallout 4, except there is no VATS system to rely on. The Starfield Constellation faction leader briefs you about an artifact after which you will also get information about the other faction leaders, who will tell you what they stand for. Throughout the process, you will also spot some more hostile aliens, including dinosaur-like creatures like mandibles, eldritch horrors sulking the corridors of an abandoned facility, and much more. 

The director of the game, Todd Howard, revealed the character creation tool and many Starfield backgrounds and traits your astronaut can begin with on their journey through the cosmos. The entire gameplay will give you a glimpse of Starfield’s skills and a brief introduction to its research laboratory projects. 

Curious about what dialogue will the game feature? 

The classic BGS silent protagonist returns, which is probably handy given there are 250,000 lines of dialogue throughout the game. You can also converse in first-person and pick from different dialogue options pitched as standalone sentences. The game also features a new persuasion system where you can spend points in a series of linked exchanges in the hope of securing the desired result before outstaying your welcome. 

Starfield also includes a dedicated section of base building along with the ability to design and fly your own spaceship. Besides the space combat, the spaceship will be handy for exploring the several Starfield planets in the known universe, over 1,000 of them. The game also features such procedural generation as the makers have done more handcrafting in it content-wise than any other previously developed game. 

Starfield is also likely to take you to different cities, including the game’s biggest settlement, New Atlantis. Besides this, there would be plenty of other towns and small metropolises you can visit throughout the gameplay. Here are the other updates on the features of the game. 

  • There will be 1,000 planets. 
  • The character creation of the game appears to be pretty detailed. 
  • You will be given a lot of choices on traits, including Empath to Alien DNA. 
  • There is an option for ship customization wherein you can change the look, layout, and crew of the ship. You will also be getting in the cockpit. 
  • The crafting mode will help you create weapons mods and conduct research projects. 
  • You can build your own outposts and hire characters to work there. 
  • The lockpicking feature is back, even in the space. 
  • Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be voice acting for the protagonists. 
  • Last but not least, worshipping a giant space serpent has been confirmed. 

What’s there in Starfield Gameplay? 

The 2022 Xbox & Bethesda showcase gives insight into the long-awaited first look at the real Starfield gameplay. 

On a desolate sulphurous moon called Kreet, you get introduced to the interstellar Bethesda open world which also gives way to gunplay against space bandits. The clops of NPC conversations give a sense of the player’s overarching goal and the factions the players can join throughout their explorations. 

You will get a glimpse of the character creation which is touted as the game developer’s most flexible yet. There is a skill system, where skills can be chosen with each level-up. It can also can additional ranks as they are used to offer more benefits. A crafting system helps players modify and customize their space guns. As a player, you can establish outposts as you get to explore alien worlds using mechanics that appear more elaborate and fully implemented than the base-building in Fallout 4. 

In this game, Todd has also introduced the big guns and unveiled Starfield’s ship customizations. You can customize the look, layout, and performance of your spacecraft, down to individual modules from different manufacturers. The gameplay reveals Starfield closes with an explanation of the game’s scale. You can land and explore anywhere you choose, on any planet in more than 100 star systems. 

Is Starfield Available as a Multiplayer? 

No. As of now, the makers have not released this game in the multiplayer version. According to Todd Howard, Starfield will be a solo experience. 

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