“Bitter Land”: The Beauty Secrets of Hilal Altınbilek, the Turkish Angelina Jolie

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Hilal Altinbilek is one of the actresses from Turkey who, after participating in several soap operas in her country, met international fame after she played Züleyha in “Bitter land”. This production became the favorite of thousands of people and due to its great success it was able to reach Spain and other Latin American countries where it became the most watched.

From a very young Hilal Altinbilek He showed a great interest in the world of acting and always had the support of his family. But the actress has not only managed to stand out in the world of performing arts, but also in modeling.

She is considered one of the most beautiful women in Turkey and has sometimes been compared to the American actress, Angelina Jolie, due to their great physical resemblance.

Therefore, it should be taken into account that Hilal Altinbilek He was always linked to the world of fashion and beauty, because that was where he began his professional career: in modeling.

Hilal Altinbilek She comes from a family linked to the world of art and acting, therefore, she always showed great interest in being a great actress. But this did not mean that she put aside her great passion for modeling, because her beauty has always characterized her, even since she was a teenager.

After completing his basic education studies, he moved to Istanbul, where he began his theater studies and decided to dedicate himself to art. Before her time on television, she participated in beauty contests, remaining in the top 5, and also did some work as a model.

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The actress confessed what her beauty secrets would be that have always characterized her. This was said in an interview, according to the portal .

I am very attentive to food, to everything related to nutrition”, He expressed .

The remembered Zuleyha revealed that sometimes there are moments when he wants a special dish, but he recovers doing intense sports.

I am a very good swimmer, I do sauna, and I play badmington, a sport that I have practiced in the past. . For my skin, I use fig seed oil, which I drink regularly, but I also massage my skin with it“, I note.

I always try to take care of myself, to keep my balance in everything “, He sentenced.

Hilal Altinbilek has a great resemblance to the actress Angelina Jolie, and it is one of the names with which the Turkish artist is known; However, it was her own father who told her for the first time that she looked like the American woman.

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