Bixby is now available to download on your Windows 11 computer

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Many may already know the benefits of what it is to use a virtual assistant. They are pieces of code whose objective is to learn from the user and take the orders that he gives to execute them on one or more devices. The funny thing is that not all have survived this fever and while some have prevailed without any problem others have perished, or at least it seemed that way. And it is that he is one of those who seemed to have been forgotten returns in the most unexpected way since Bixby can finally be used on Windows.

Yes, Bixby is available for Windows

One of the features that Samsung has rolled out in recent years has been its own virtual assistant. The Korean company, on behalf of Google, already had its own artificial intelligence but still wanted its entire ecosystem to have its integrated software so that it was possible to have all the interconnected devices as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For that he went into actionn Bixby, a software that was able to follow all the orders that you gave without question. However, the implication was so great in the world of smartphones and the firm insisted so much on its use that it even gave it a dedicated button on the Galaxy S series, something that users did not really like. But it seems that this has not prevented the Korean company from making progress in this regard to the point of dedicating an application to it. which can be downloaded in Windows.

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This will be available through the Microsoft store and if you wonder yes, it is free to download. After its subsequent installation, you will only have to make a few small adjustments, among which is voice activation. This is key, since one of the things it has is that once you connect to your computer and link the rest of the devices, any voice command you give will be done in no time.

You can open applications at any time just by ordering it, as long as you activate the command that allows it to work. Then you can ask everything that comes to your mind whenever it is related to a search that you want to carry out or a specific order that you want to give to any of the devices connected with this virtual assistant.


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