Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life with These 10 Actionable Tips and Tricks

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Understanding Charge Cycles for Mobile Batteries

The lifespan of mobile batteries is measured by charge cycles. But what does this term exactly mean? In simpler terms, it represents an estimate of how long the battery of an Android phone can last. A single charge cycle is consumed when the sum of all the charges results in 100%.

For instance, if you charge your phone from 0% to 80%, use it, and then charge it again from 0% to 20%, you have exhausted a charge cycle. Modern smartphones with batteries of 5,000mAh or higher values can support between 300 and 500 charge cycles only.

To help you extend the life of your battery and save up to 40% of energy, we have listed down ten recommendations that you should and should not do:

1. Use vibration only for calls or alarms, not for notifications.
2. Activate battery-saving mode when your battery reaches 30% or 20%.
3. Close apps running in the background as they can consume your phone’s resources.
4. Disable the “Always on Display” mode to save more battery.
5. Navigate with dark mode enabled to minimize energy consumption.
6. Turn on the automatic brightness function to adjust your phone’s brightness according to ambient light.
7. Avoid using the automatic brightness “fast charge” daily as it can quickly consume charge cycles.
8. Use original chargers and not replicas.
9. Do not charge your phone in vehicles or computers.
10. Avoid using your phone when temperatures are very high.

When to Change Your Phone

Apart from knowing how to extend your battery’s life, it is important to identify when to change your phone. Here are few indications that could mean it’s time for an upgrade:

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Storage: if your phone has only 32 GB of internal storage, it might be time for an upgrade. Modern applications require more resources, and a microSD card might not suffice.

Battery: a battery that has been charged more than 300 times might run out quickly, hence the need to opt for a new phone.

Yearly update: all mobiles come with a specific number of years to update, usually four. If your device is not compatible with the latest updates, it’s time to replace it.

RAM memory: if your phone has only 1 or 2 gigabytes of RAM, it might be time to buy a new phone. This component is responsible for keeping various apps running in the background.

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