Canada declares a math test for teachers racist and unconstitutional (but some question the decision)

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A Canadian court has ruled that the mandatory math proficiency test is unconstitutional and teaching this subject to failing teachers should not be prohibited, as it unfairly affects non-white candidates.

The Divisional Court of Ontario last Friday ordered the College of Teachers of that province of Canada to grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the mathematics test, after concluding that there are “disparities in the success rates of standardized tests depending on the race “.

According to the court, there are other alternatives to this test method that “appear to be less harmful and at least as effective.”

For its part, the Ontario Teachers Federation praise the court’s decision, noting that “there is no research to suggest that a standardized test improves student outcomes or improves teachers’ pedagogy.”

However, some users on social networks questioned the decision, arguing that it would lower the level of teaching. “Your professor from Ontario you no longer need to pass basic math to teach basic math“, tweeted commentator Jeffrey Blehar.

Quillette magazine editor Jonathan Kay spoke in a similar tone. “The Ontario Teachers Union is very excited that its members will not have to know math. Another great day for Ontario students,” ironic.

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