Certifications That Can Help You Break Into The Testing Industry

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The whole premise of the software testing industry is to gauge a product for its quality before it reaches the end-user. The process consists of eliminating all issues and errors so that customers can get a flawless experience. With companies driving more emphasis on user experience, the demand for a dedicated team of experts is rising. Some job profiles include test analysts, software testers, test designers, and test managers.

This opens several opportunities for aspirants and chances to scale their careers for professionals who are already an integral part of the Software Testing Life Cycle. If you are looking forward to steady and holistic professional growth, certifications act as catalysts for the same.

In this post, we are going to take a look at some certifications that can help you break into the testing industry. But before that, we will throw some light on why you should consider opting for relevant certification from a recognized organization. Let’s take a look.

Why Should You Get Certification(s) In The Software Testing Field?

Your expertise doesn’t mean anything if your portfolio fails to showcase it. The interesting fact about the IT sector is that it keeps on updating and evolving. This calls for an urgent need to stay updated with the trends. Whether you are just wading into the waters of software testing or wish to leap ahead in your career, certifications can be game-changers.

Now, one might wonder why to bother getting a certification when all the knowledge you need is just a click away. Well, when aspirants and professionals are busy making their mark in the IT field, they seldom have the time to squint through every single whitepaper and blog out there.

Certifications present knowledge in a structured and well-defined manner. The methodological learning techniques save precious time and help build a strategic approach towards absorbing and implementing the knowledge gained.

Top Certifications That Can Help You Break Into The Testing Industry

Now that you clearly understand how software testing certifications can give your career the desired boost let us move on to the top certifications that can help you break into the testing industry. Diving right in!

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LambdaTest Certifications

LambdaTest is one of the leading cross browser testing platforms that hold the trust of more than half a million customers across the globe. It has been the top choice among testers to check how websites and web apps perform on different browsers, browser versions, operating systems, and devices. Now, it has taken on the crucial role of becoming a learning hub for aspiring QA testing professionals.

If you wish to stand out in the IT industry or become an integral part of Selenium automation testing, the LambdaTest certifications can turn out to be a stairway to the pinnacle of success. The certification covers a wide range of frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, TestNG, JUnit, and languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, etc., to evaluate your skills and expertise for automation testing.

LambdaTest certifications offer a globally recognized badge you can display in your LinkedIn profile. So, if you have already spent quite some time devouring the web for relevant information, better stop wasting time and start exploring the learning hub by LambdaTest, which can help you prepare for your certification exam. The best part is that all the certifications are absolutely free of cost!

Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST)

For a few years now, we have been observing a high saturation level in the IT industry. That makes it all the more important to distinguish skilled professionals and experts from mediocre ones. If you wish to get a foundation-level understanding of different practices and principles pertaining to quality testing, the Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST) is the way to go. The format of this examination is multiple choice, and 70% is the passing score. It charges $100 as the examination fee.

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This way, you can be a part of an acclaimed group of professionals who receive recognition for their competence and increase career growth prospects. You are an ideal candidate if you have a 3 to 4 year College degree. Three years of minimum work experience in the IT sector can also help you qualify the eligibility criteria for the certification if you don’t have a degree. However, another way that offers eligibility is a year of experience in IT and a 2-year degree.

International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)

International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) offers three levels of certification. They include foundational, advanced, and expert. Companies all over the world accept this software testing certification, thanks to its universal syllabus.

If you are new to the testing field and need to display proof of practical expertise on your resume, the foundation-level course is your way to go. It provides in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of software testing.

You can opt for a foundation-level certification if you are a test analyst, test consultant, user acceptance tester, test designer, test engineer, or text manager. Some other designations eligible for this include IT director, quality manager, management consultant, project manager, or business analyst.

Advanced level certification is perfect for those with a foundation certificate, possess optimal practical experience, and are at a higher step in the software testing career ladder. The expert level certification has the following modules: improvement of different testing processes, test automation management, test automation engineering, and security testing.

Simplilearn Automation Test Engineer

Simplilearn Automation Test Engineer certification is a one-stop destination for those seeking knowledge on Docker, Maven, Selenium Grid and Webdriver, TestNG, Core Java, J2EE, and Appium. Not just that, you are also going to learn how to automate web applications.

You will also get a chance to participate in an automation test engineer project for practical experience in application development from scratch, app deployment, and test execution. They also have a program that offers job assistance and helps to create a presentable resume. Not to mention, they also help in interview preparation. The only downside is that the $620 price tag is slightly on the higher end.

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Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing by Udemy

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have brought out a major revolution in almost every domain in the 21st century, software included. As a result, many developers have been coming out with test applications that leverage AI and ML technology. Priced at $17, this 90 minutes course will help you understand both fundamentals as well as advanced concepts about AI in software testing.

The course also comprises data science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, deep learning basics, and the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in software testing. The course highlights how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will impact the future of test automation. The instructor uses Testim to guide the students through.

Summing It Up

The importance of the software testing field for continuous product delivery is undeniable. With test automation spreading its wings in the IT sector, the demand for expert testers continues to rise. Most candidates considered the completion of the bachelor’s degree as an entry point to the IT sector. But it’s also vital for candidates to attain recognized certifications to showcase their expertise in a particular field.

The bottom line, learning is a never-ending process. Depending on your aspirations, you can opt for one or more of the certifications mentioned above. Always remember your certification should map to your career experience, spruce up your resume, meet vital industrial requirements, and offer you the necessary expertise and knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your software testing career to a whole new level with some of these best software testing certifications. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments section below.

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