Cher Pays Final Visit to Tina Turner before Her Passing in Switzerland

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Cher mourns the loss of Tina Turner

On May 25, the world lost legendary singer Tina Turner. The news impacted the music industry greatly, and not just her fans were mourning her loss. Many colleagues who had formed relationships with her were also saddened by her passing, including Cher.

Cher visits Turner in Switzerland

In an interview with MSNBC, Cher revealed that she had visited Turner at her residence in Switzerland when she was going through a hard time. She wanted to spend time with Turner to remind her that the world had not forgotten her.

Despite her illness, Turner had a great time with Cher, and they spent five hours together, cracking up with laughter. Turner did not want people to know about her illness, but her health had declined since suffering a stroke in 2013, as well as being diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016.

The castle where Turner lived her last days

Turner bought a stunning castle overlooking Lake Zurich, Switzerland, where she spent her last days. The property, which she paid 70 million francs Swiss (US$76 million) for, is made up of 10 buildings, a pond, swimming pool and pier. The castle has a total of 24,000 square meters and was built over 100 years ago.

Turner’s love for Switzerland

According to Swiss-born music executive Erwin Bach, Turner’s husband, the castle was a logical step for them as they both had Swiss nationality and felt comfortable in Switzerland. They had lived there since 1994. Turner had previously explained in an interview that she moved from the US to Europe because her success was in another country and her boyfriend was in Switzerland.

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Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Turner said that she felt at home in Switzerland and had everything she needed.

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