Colombia denounces border violation by Venezuelan military, after meeting between troops from both countries, and Caracas responds

Colombia denounced this Sunday a border violation by the Venezuelan military who boarded a boat that remained on its shore in front of a bordering river, in an action that President Iván Duque described as “provocation” by Caracas.

The events were recorded on August 24 on the Negro River, which delimits the department of Guainía in Colombia with the Amazonas state of Venezuela.

In a release, the Colombian Foreign Ministry indicated that “two armed Venezuelan soldiers arbitrarily occupied a Colombian civilian vessel named ‘El Guainiano’, with Colombian citizens on board and that it was moored to the Colombian bank of the Negro river.”

The Foreign Ministry assured that the timely intervention of the Colombian Navy prevented “outrages against national citizens and the loss of the vessel and merchandise, as has already occurred in the past in similar events.”

The Colombian government assured that there was a violation of the right to free navigation and of bilateral treaties, in addition to an abuse against the people who moved along the river.

“We are exposed and have been constantly exposed to provocations by the dictatorship in Venezuela, that is why we have always acted with professionalism, not only to protect our citizens, but also to protect our sovereignty,” said Duque. to journalists.

Meanwhile, social media has spread a video, which the local press has echoed, which supposedly shows the moment of the incident.

Response from Caracas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela rejection “the inconsistent statement” from the Colombian Foreign Ministry, indicating that “it seeks to increase tensions between countries, generating false conflicts in interactions that can be resolved with the coordination of local authorities.”

According to Caracas, the complexities in the border area “require diplomatic coordination,” however, “the unwillingness of the Government of Colombia to establish communication channels makes it difficult to work more efficiently in favor of legality at the border.”

Likewise, Venezuela reiterated its “faithful commitment” to the International Navigation Treaties and Agreements and “willingness to cooperate and coordinate joint actions”, with the aim of guaranteeing a safe and stable common border for both countries.

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