Control your mobile with facial gestures, what’s new in Android 12

Controlar tu móvil con gestos faciales, lo nuevo de Android 12

Biometric recognition is one of the characteristics that all current mobiles have. It is a very broad term, since with it we refer to a device capable of reading a part of our body that identifies us to give us access to all the functions of a terminal or a specific app. The fact is that this feature is increasingly advanced and in Google have reached a point where they are convinced to give you control of your mobile with the gestures of your face.

Your facial gestures will help you control your mobile

Using a smartphone is not complicated at all thanks to the simplicity of the device. Thanks to the presence of some digital buttons it is possible to carry out numerous commands and enter many services that you use throughout the day. But not all of us have the same capabilities and sometimes users use accessibility options to make their experience as full as possible.

And this is where Google wants to improve the operation of all mobile phones that carry Android 12. It turns out that the company is working on a function with which a person can use their mobile phone without touching the screen. Yes, it sounds complicated, but the feature ‘camera switches’ or ‘camera switches’ as it translates into English promises that any user controls the mobile using the front camera.

Until now, android phones allowed the use of other external devices with which to control the phone. This required a physical or wireless connection to the device, that is, via the USB port or via Bluetooth. But with this feature everything is much simpler and you will only need your phone to activate the different functions.

Six functions at your service when raising the eyebrows

The new accessibility feature of Android 12 it is most interesting. Everyone can take advantage of it, although facial recognition must be constantly activated. If you look at their characteristics, these switches pop when you perform one of the actions listed below: look left, look up or right, raise your eyebrows, smile or open your mouth.

In addition, according to what they count in XDA Developers the experience is customizable, so you can choose the recognition area as well as the command that is activated with it.


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