Creative SXFI CARRIER: This is the new soundbar with holographic technology

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Today, sound bars have become one of the most sought-after options by movie, game and / or music lovers, because they offer you an alternative to the classic ‘Home Cinema’ when you do not have enough space to place in a circle of 5 to 7 speakers + a subwoofer. And its technology keeps growing, going from 2.1 to 7.1 that Creative announces. But beware, a pioneering soundbar in its field.


The audio quality of compact soundbars is often compromised by their small size, which limits their ability to create a large soundstage. And to supplement this, Creative Technology announces the launch of Creative SXFI CARRIER, the first soundbar with holographic Super X-Fi headphone technology jointly developed with the sound experts at Dolby Laboratories. The SXFI CARRIER measures just 0.88 m in length and features a Dolby Atmos speaker system.

La SXFI CARRIER, composed of seven speakers located inside the soundbar – each with its own DSP controlled amplifier – is capable of delivering the same acoustic identity as the previous (and award-winning) Sonic Carrier bar, at less than half its size and at a fraction of the price of the latter. The final touch is its 10 ”wireless subwoofer, which offers well above average power, with soft, powerful records that will make your room look like a movie theater.

Super X-Fi holographic headphone technology

One of its most outstanding elements is that This bar is the world’s first with Super X-Fi headphone holographic technology, that recreates the soundstage of a complete surround speaker system in your headphones, personalized audio thanks to Artificial Intelligence that allows you to have a more natural sound experience.

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In addition, the SXFI CARRIER also has a high connectivity profile by mounting:

– Bluetooth connection



– HDMI eARC port provides uncompressed and lossless HD audio

– Two HDMI 2.1 inputs that will allow rich sound and high resolution image quality from an 8K video source to pass through

– Dolby Vision support

Given the technology it mounts, we are not talking about an economic bar, but pure Premium: The SXFI Carrier is priced at € 999.99 and is available on


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