Cuba begins the 2021-2022 tobacco campaign with the planting of 25,000 hectares

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Havana, Oct 10 (EFE) .- Cuba begins this Sunday the planting of 25,000 hectares of tobacco – one of its main exportable products – in all areas dedicated to this traditional crop on the island, reported the state company Tabacuba.

Some 13,800 producers of the aromatic leaf associated with cooperatives and business units are preparing to carry out the 2021-2022 agricultural season, in which 27,000 tons of tobacco are expected to be obtained from an average yield of 1.10 tons per hectare.

Preparations for the start of planting focused on training specialists, technicians, supervisors and producers, fertilization and protection against possible pests and diseases through biological products, new technologies, as well as the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery. , irrigation equipment and facilities for curing tobacco.

The Tabacuba business group is in charge of directing Cuban tobacco activity in all phases from agricultural production, pre-industry and industrial production to marketing, logistics and development.

The end of that chain is the commercialization of Cuban tobacco products, which includes premium cigars (hand-twisted), machine-made and cigarettes, all manufactured under a series of brands and formats.

The largest producing area in the country is located in the western province of Pinar del Río, where 16,373 hectares will be planted, 760 of them destined for covered tobacco -with cloth-, which provides the layers for the production of the famous Havana cigars.

This emblematic Cuban tobacco zone also foresees the planting of 510 hectares of the Virginia variety, with the order of supplying that raw material to a cigarette factory located in the Mariel area, in its neighboring Artemisa province.

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Pinar del Río plans to contribute 17,600 tons of tobacco in the next harvest, although the authorities of the sector have indicated that they have shortages of inputs due to the global crisis generated by the covid-19 pandemic and the reinforcement of the economic embargo applied by the United States to the Caribbean country.

In the central province of Ciego de Ávila, another of the producing areas, the company responsible for the cultivation of tobacco said that its goal is to sow 462 hectares in the modalities of covered and sol palo -until the end of the campaign next December- with the target of obtaining 171 tons of the blade.

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