Database: MariaDB is increasing the release speed on the Community Server

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The 10.6.x series of the MariaDB Community Server, presented for the first time in spring, is supposed to be the last version to follow an annual release cycle. As the database provider announced, the server edition from version 10.7 follows a quarterly rhythm, which should provide users with new features more quickly in the future. In addition, developers from the open source community should be able to incorporate their new code contributions into the database server more quickly.

The decision made by MariaDB Corporation and the MariaDB Foundation in favor of a shortened release cycle aims on the one hand to make new functions and improvements available more continuously. Problems like with MariaDB Community Server 10.5 should be a thing of the past. The release received a whole range of new JSON functions, but the important JSON-TABLE was missing for a long time. It wasn’t until July 2021 Submitted with the GA version 10.6. On the other hand, MariaDB wants to orient itself more closely to corresponding open source projects when providing updates – including in particular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora, in which MariaDB competes with MySQL for space as the standard database.

While the commercially oriented database server MariaDB Enterprise will continue to be equipped with five years of support for each new release, LTS releases of the Community Server are to take place in coordination with the Linux distributions and are expected to offer support periods of one year. According to Announcement on the MariaDB blog the new release cycle starts with version 10.7, which has been available as RC since November. A first sneak peak on MariaDB Community Server 10.8 should also be possible shortly.

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