Digital healthcare: ransomware attack on Compugroup Medical

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Compugroup Medical (CGM) announces on its website that it has been the victim of a ransomware attack. The market-leading manufacturer of software for medical practices, laboratories and clinics emphasizes that the “vast majority” of customer systems are in operation and are safe from ransomware attacks.

The attack should have been running since Saturday and affect not only the internal network, but also telephone support. “We continue to monitor all systems closely and work together with all relevant authorities,” it concluded.

The ransomware attack on CGM is said to have been running since Saturday. He will be on both the Main website of the company as well as on the pages of the practice management systems (PVS), which belong to the CGM group, for example from Turbomed.

The company emphasizes: “The vast majority of our customer systems are up and running and are believed to be secure so that our customers can continue to work. We currently have no evidence that the attack is having any impact on customer systems or customer data.” PVS providers belonging to the CGM also informed the medical practices by fax that the usual updates to the end of the quarter could be delayed.

CGM does not provide any information on which ransomware infected the company and how the attackers were able to get in. When normal operations can be resumed, it also remains unclear at the moment.

Before the attack on CGM, the practice management system provider Medatixx was the victim of a ransomware attack at the beginning of November. They kept the company busy until December.

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