“Discover the Top Two Must-Watch Movies on Netflix: The Best Films of All Time”

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Netflix: The Ultimate Streaming Platform

Netflix is known worldwide for its high-quality streaming service. It not only shows original productions but also allows users to watch movie classics. Let’s take a look at the best dramas that you can watch on Netflix if you liked “The Night Agent”.

Memoirs of a Geisha

One of the best drama movies that you can watch on Netflix is Memoirs of a Geisha. Produced by Steven Spielberg, this movie stars Michelle Yeoh who won the Oscar for Best Actress this year. It is based on the novel by Arthur Golden and tells the story of a little girl, Chiyo, who’s handed over to an okiya (geisha house) while her sister ends up in a brothel.

Chiyo has a characteristic that makes her stand out from the rest of the girls, and that is her blue eyes, a situation for which she did not have the same fate as her older sister Satsu. You can watch Memoirs of a Geisha on Netflix and dive into the Japanese culture.

Forrest Gump

This movie is considered a classic and its leading role is played by Tom Hanks. Forrest Gump follows the life of a man with a mild mental disability. The movie stars Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, and Sally Field and is a must-watch for drama enthusiasts.

What is IMDB?

IMDB stands for Internet Movie Database and is an online database that stores information related to movies, TV programs, live events, awards ceremonies, specials, and video games. It also includes information on production, actors, directors, voice actors, fictional characters, and more. IMDB is one of the most popular databases in the world.

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Netflix is the ultimate streaming platform that offers not only original productions but also movie classics. You can watch Memoirs of a Geisha and Forrest Gump to enjoy the best dramas or explore the world of entertainment through IMDB.

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