Disney’s Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy earnings are at risk

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While Disney think about how to face a third movie of Deadpool, which could officially begin filming next year, will also have to go to California courts because of a lawsuit. The company was charged with stealing software used in movies such as Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy Y Beauty and the Beast. This is a demand that has been in development for a long time.

What seemed to have calmed down resurfaced this day in which a federal judge in California rejected the allegations of Disney. The company Rearden, based in Silicon Valley, accused the studio of stealing a technology known as move and use it in the visual effects of three of his great blockbusters of the last few years.

Saying software It allows actors with certain makeup to be captured by special cameras and for software to translate it into computerized movements. Characters like Beast of beauty and the Beast, they gained greater expressiveness thanks to this software. Something similar happened in the filming of Deadpool Y Guardians of the Galaxy.

The lawsuit filed by Rearden he intends to keep part of the profits obtained at the box office for these three films. The reasons? They accused Disney to use such technology as part of campaigns to promote their films and encourage fans to buy tickets for screenings of these films. Of all the tapes, the highest grossing was Beauty and the Beast, with more than 1,200 million dollars.

As part of the case, the Silicon Valley-based company presented videos in which Disney showed behind the scenes of some movies and how they bragged about the use of move. “This non-speculative evidence supports the theory of Rearden of a casual nexus between the infringement and the proceeds of Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy Y Deadpoolthe judge wrote Jon Tigar. In Disney claim that earnings cannot be linked to the use of move.

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What is known of Deadpool 3?

Since Disney absorbed Fox, the fans of Deadpool feared for the future of this character, whose humor did not fit so well with that of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU), especially since it is considered for people over 18. However, the mouse study found a way and has already approved the production of a third of the mercenary, although it is not so clear if it will connect with the other films of Marvel.

Ryan surprised his more than 38 million followers with this photo. (Ryan Reynolds)

In June, Ryan Reynolds shared a photo on Instagram in which some bags were seen, among which seemed to be the mask of Deadpool. Sadly, it remains unclear if it was a joke or filming is about to begin. At the moment it is only known with certainty who will write the script for the new film. It’s about the sisters Wendy Molyneux Y Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, responsible for the cartoon Bob’s Burgers.

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