Dropbox adds new functions to better organize files

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Having a place to store all your files that is not your computer is not difficult at all. There are even interesting and free options that you can take into account such as cloud services. These add a little extra space and, with one more payment, you can substantially expand this space. But not everything is space in these services and Dropbox It demonstrates this by expanding its file organization capabilities.

More options for finding files

Order is an important characteristic in any area of ​​life. And you will always need a little more space to save certain files, or at least a place where you can save all you need to work with them where you need it. And an important bet is to have a storage service in the cloud, since on the Internet you can download the data or use online apps with which to edit it.

But today we are not talking about the way you edit files online, rather about the sites you use to transfer data from one place to another. The fact is that the app we are going to talk about has its own name and is none other than Dropbox, which has substantially improved its filter and search system.

This is very important as it will directly affect your ability to move around the application and it will do so for the better. Here we have to talk about the new improvements that the service has in terms of organization and all thanks to new functions of its organizer.

You will have at your disposal a new dashboard and automated folders with which certain file classification and tagging tasks can be delegated to the AI to forget about this arduous task and leave it in the hands of an artificial intelligence. You can also rename the files by date and organize various of this data according to dates or words they have.

On the other hand, in case you save all kinds of files in your cloud, you will have a specific place for videos and photos. Here you will find only these two options, something very interesting so as not to waste time searching through so much data.


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