Edén Muñoz has COVID-19: what is the Caliber 50 singer’s health status

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Eden Muñoz have COVID-19. This was revealed by the Caliber 50 vocalist himself, through his Instagram account, where he said that three tests were carried out and it was positive, so he is currently isolated to avoid infecting other people.

The 31-year-old interpreter said that everything started from the morning of last Wednesday, December 15, when he began to feel bad while resting at home. There he began to have symptoms that he quickly related to the coronavirus, so he decided to have some tests to get rid of doubts.

The three tests that were carried out were positive and for this reason a tomography of his lungs was made to know what is the level of affectation that he has in these organs. After making public that he has COVID-19, the public wants to know what the singer’s state of health is and here we will tell you.

Through your Instagram account, revealed that he has COVID-19 and is currently in isolation to avoid infecting other people. The Caliber 50 vocalist himself told how he discovered that he was infected with the virus.

“I started to experiment […] at the time of breathing like itching in the chest that I had not experienced before. Due to this situation, I went to do not one, but three tests for COVID, of the antigens. It was bad luck that at three o’clock it came out positive, “he explained.

The interpreter of “A la antigüita” commented that what worries him most is the well-being of his family, especially after the complicated and long process he went through with his youngest son Matías, who was hospitalized when he was one month old for bronchopneumonia.

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“Something that fills me with many mixed feelings, mainly my concern for my children, for everything we live with Matías, for Emilio, my wife,” he said.

Regarding the workplace, Edén Muñoz commented that so far she does not know if the presentations she had scheduled in the next few days with Caliber 50 will be canceled. But he said it would be the best option for him as well as for his teammates and fans.

“I have always been very attached to work and I believe that this is the first time that due to health reasons I will not be able to or some events will be canceled, but I believe that the best decision would be to cancel or postpone the events. events ”, he commented.

Edén asked for the understanding of his thousands of fans, mainly those who would attend the Caliber 50 presentation in Ciudad del Valle in San Luis Potosí, as well as those who already had their tickets for the presentations to be held in Texas, United States , concerts with which the group would close its tour.

Finally, Edén commented that he feels sad and frustrated by the situation, but hopes that he can recover without further complications. The singer’s publication was filled with messages of support, affection and good vibes from media figures, friends and followers.

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