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Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom: the details of the detective novel in which she ‘seeks to solve’ a murder in Windsor

The Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom He is the highest figure of English royalty. Windsor Castle is his residence and the center of everything that happens in the British royal family. In addition, it is the setting chosen by the writer Sophia Bennett for her detective novel ‘El nudo Windsor’ where the monarch is a key figure in the search for all the details of a crime.

The publication has a high dose of detectives, espionage and adventures and, according to the author, the grandmother of Henry of Sussex will have the help of his young secretary to discover what happened around a murder.

Sophia Bennett, que firma como S.J. Bennett, a ‘The country’ who spoke with sources close to the queen to find out details that would help her put together the character, yes, all anonymous. “Many people are very loyal to the queen and they begged me not to put their names”, he indicated.

On ‘The Windsor knot’ (Salamandra Editions), the queen of fiction is uncomfortable with being told what to do, she is very observant and a lover of dogs. For the writer, Isabel II it is “Very smart, she knows who everyone is”.

Sophia Bennett thought about the monarch while watching the Netflix series ‘The Crown’: “She knows everything, when there is something strange, she sees it, she observes it. You know what doesn’t add up. There is absolutely no one you cannot call. There are a lot of places: the castle [Windsor], Balmoral, Buckingham … From then on, my brain didn’t want to write anything else. I couldn’t let it pass “.

The writer is no stranger to the British royal family, since since she was a child she has been involved in everything related to royalty. Her father was part of her escort at the Silver Jubilee in 1977. In addition, she applied to be an assistant personal secretary, for which she feels great admiration and decided to make her the heroine of her story.

“Over the years I have seen how he has survived the roller coaster of public life, sometimes terribly, sometimes fantastically. I admire her. She always ends up doing it well (…) I wanted the first book to be close in time because I admire how she has been able, better than anyone, to maintain that image of stability, of trust, it is extraordinary. It’s something we miss in there. Someone who really tries to do it right, for a long time. Since she was a child, she wanted to do well “, he assured.

The saga (in the United Kingdom the second volume, ‘A three dog problem’ has already seen the light, and the third is being prepared) will have different scenarios where Isabel II will solve mysteries from their palaces.

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