EmmaDE4: Linux distribution of the Emmabuntüs collective is now based on Bullseye

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Access to functioning hardware and – if possible free – operating system is often not a matter of course for socially disadvantaged people. The French Emmbuntüs collective from the Emmaus movement wants to help those in need to digitally participate – with a Linux distribution that also runs stably on older, donated computers. The most recent result of these efforts has been available since yesterday, Monday.

EmmaDE4 1.00 (“Emmabuntüs Debian Edition”) is based on Debian 11, which was released last month, and deliberately relies even more on free software than the previous versions. Designers from the Debian community have contributed a new theme and a revised logo. The documentation for the installation and presentation of EmmaDE has been extensively updated; the latter also includes one Overview of the goals of the Emmabuntüs project.

The kernel version used was raised in EmmaDE4 1.00 to Linux 5.10 (Long Term Support). Newer editions now on board include LibreOffice (, the Thunderbird e-mail client (78.14.0) and the Firefox ESR and Falkon (78.14.0, 3.1.0) browsers. As before, Xfce and LXQt are available as desktop environments – now in versions 4.16 and 8.16.0.

The developers have completely re-included the tools VeraCrypt, GtkHash, the Warpinator originally from Linux Mint for uncomplicated file transfer and the zram tools. Teamviewer and Skype, which were previously pre-installed for remote maintenance and communication, have been replaced by the development team with the open source alternatives DWService and Jami. Adobe Flash, which had been obsolete at the turn of the previous year, was completely deleted.

One List of pre-installed software in EmmaDE4 on the project website provides beginners with a complete overview.


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