“Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal” premieres in Argentina: everything we liked and not so much about the sequel

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Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal, de Sony Pictures, It will premiere on Thursday, September 16 in Argentina, after almost a year of delay due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was originally scheduled for April 2020, but the health crisis forced them to change the date for mid-2021, where it has already reached various countries around the world. On Spoiler we invite you to review what we liked and what we didn’t like so much.

“Escape Room 2: Deadly Challenge is the sequel to the blockbuster psychological thriller that horrified audiences around the world. On this occasion, six people find themselves” coincidentally “locked in another series of escape rooms and gradually discover what they have in common to survive … and they will realize that everyone has played this game before “, notes its official synopsis. Adam Robitel returns in the direction with a cast made up of Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Indya Moore, Holland Roden, Thomas Cocquerel and Carlito Olivero.

The film begins almost at the same time that the original culminated, where Ben and Zoey they manage to escape the traps of the first game. Here we will see them heading towards a new adventure whose main objective is to obtain the necessary evidence to find the villain. Unlike the first film, it is the two protagonists who end up in the simulator again without realizing it, along with other survivors who had also been part of the sinister fun before, so they present us with a kind of “Tournament of Champions” in which only one will remain alive.

+ What we liked

There are feature films that take their time to delve into the plot, but that does not happen here, since from the first scenes we connect with the past and return to the present, with the traumas in the protagonists. Its duration is ideal in a time when it can be difficult to maintain attention on a screen other than the cell phone, in addition to the fact that it is impossible to take your eyes off each moment of action and tension that they offer us minute by minute. Last but not least, the great use of sound predisposes the audience to be part of what is projected and to be alert to every movement.

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+ What we didn’t like

The scenarios proposed to function as traps for the players are sinful of originality and the unsatisfactory resolutions of each one make us think that in reality the test was not as complicated as we would have imagined from the first moment. In the case of the new characters, we find from an alcoholic priest to an Instagram influencer, of which they hardly give us clues about their past, so they cannot maintain an emotional bond with the viewer, since their steps are predictable. Continuing with the figures, we still do not know anything about the Minos company, if it is one person or several, or what its real motivations are.

Perhaps for lovers of the most classic horror genre it is not an attractive sequel due to the lack of shocking moments or bloody scenes, but for those who are eager for 90 minutes of a thriller in which the characters are the constant victims, as we saw in the first movie, we are sure you will like it. Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal premieres on Thursday, September 16 in all theaters in Argentina.

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