Fans of the paranormal are harshly criticized after sharing a video recorded in a cave

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Video viral | YouTube houses an immense amount of videos showing alleged paranormal events. This material, although it seems implausible, usually goes viral in an extremely short time.

There is the clip recorded by husband Tony and Beth Ferguson, who live in the town of Totton, in England. As seen on their social media accounts, both call themselves ‘ghost hunters’.

Recently the video of his most recent ‘intervention’ was shared. This occurred in the Carnglaze caverns, which are located in Liscard County.

The images, which we place below, show a supposed ghost telling them to “go away”. Yes, you read that right.

As you can imagine, very few people believed what you just saw. and they fired, without the slightest mercy, their most cruel comments against the Fergursons.

“He must have told them to leave because they didn’t bring him pizza. Who thinks not to take pizza to a cave full of ghosts! “,” Those people think that one is clueless, right? ” and “They better called me to do the effects. Can I leave you my number? ”Were some of those pronouncements.

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