FIFA 22 FUT Heroes: this is the new Ultimate Team cards and confirmed players

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FIFA 22 has already shown some of the news that it will offer to players from October 1st on PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, and Google Stadia. As is usual in the saga, the Ultimate Team mode will receive changes in its structure. While we wait to know in depth what point they will reach, EA Sports has confirmed a new article: FUT Heroes.

What is Heroes of FUT? First confirmed players

FUT heroes are a new type of article that pays tribute to some of the players who have made history among their fans. Unlike Icons, these cards influence chemistry based on their nationality and the league they go to.

“FUT Heroes have a alloy-specific unique chemistry that is linked to his specific hero moment, which generates a green link with any player who is within the same league and from the usual country ”, explains the company. “This feature allows you to create the team of your dreams and recreate some of the most famous football moments in FUT 22.”

Nine players have been confirmed, including an icon of our football: Fernando Morientes. Then we leave you with the selection along with its official description.

Fernando Morientes – LaLiga Santander

“Morientes was a pure center forward with an unparalleled sense of goal. He saw the door with great frequency, both at club and national level, scoring 100 shots for Real Madrid, one of the most famous being a home-brand header in the 2000 UEFA Champions League final where the Whites they obtained their eighth European title. This is the pasta heroes are made of.

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Diego Milito – Serie A

“The Argentine striker was off the radar for years despite having scored more than 50 goals in just over 100 games in LaLiga. However, after joining Inter, the whole world realized his talent as a scorer. The two goals he scored in the 2010 UEFA Champions League final are a clear example of a classic striker performance. At a time when real strikers were hard to come by, Milito’s double is fondly remembered at Inter. Diego Milito has his FUT Hero badge more than deserved ”.

Robbie Keane – Premier League

“Robbie Keane scored over 120 Premier League goals for some of the best teams in England. He was a striker who could make any defense ready to face him sweat. Their defining moment came when their constant tug of war led Spurs to their last League Cup victory in 2008 ”.

Tim Cahill – Premier League

“Tim Cahill was known throughout the Premier League for his versatility and presence in the opponent’s area. Cahill stood out for his dangerous headshots, but his finishing skills didn’t stop there. An example of this was the Chilean spectacular that scored in 2007. That’s how good the FUT Heroes are ”.

Mario Gomez – Bundesliga

“Mario Gómez’s fearsome striking during his heyday was famous all over the world thanks to the more than 200 goals he scored in the Bundesliga for some of his biggest clubs. However, it is at home where he is most fond of. Specifically, when he scored the legendary goal that would give VfB Stuttgart its third Bundesliga title that made him a club legend and FUT Hero. “

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Jorge Campos – Liga BBVA MX

“In the 90s there was a series of world-class goalkeepers from South America who enjoyed great affection among the fans. However, there are few as memorable as Jorge Campos. Campos made very risky plays as a goalkeeper, used to be out of his playing area, wore colorful uniforms of his own creation, and never let his guard down. He kept a clean sheet in the second leg of the final that would give his team the league title in 1991. This is just one of the many moments that have made Campos one of our FUT Heroes. “

Abedi Pelé – Turn on 1 Uber Eats

“Ghana’s best player was nicknamed ‘Pelé’ in honor of the legendary Brazilian icon. In the 90s, he played for Olympique de Marseille and was known for being one of the best game organizers of his generation. That ability was demonstrated in 1993, during the final of the UEFA Champions League. With his assistance in the winning goal, he became part of the history of Marseille and of football in general ”.

Clint Dempsey – MLS

“Whether in MLS, in the Premier League or internationally, Dempsey always gave his all on the field and, on many occasions, in the rival goal. Top joint scorer in US history, Dempsey returned to home football in Seattle and scored an impressive 47 goals in 115 league games, including an unforgettable hat-trick in 2014.

Sami Al-Jaber – MBS Pro League

“Sami Al-Jaber scored more than 200 goals in his dazzling career and led Saudi Arabia in three FIFA World Cups – 1998, 2002 and 2006. In 2006, Al-Jaber made international history by scoring for Saudi Arabia in a match against Tunisia during the FIFA World Cup. He is a national hero and now also a FUT Hero. ”

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