Filming of Aquaman 2 points to a journey to Necrus

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James Wan started filming Aquaman 2. The title of the shot sheds light on the story of the film.

In an Instagram post, Wan shared the clapperboard used in the filming of Aquaman 2. The code name of the movie is “Necrus” on the clapperboard inside an icy cave.

The use of this name is remarkable because Wan had previously said that the title of the movie would be Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In a previous Instagram post, Wan shared a photo from the shooting meeting, and the name Lost Kingdom was clearly visible there.

However, it seems that the director chose the name Necrus on set. But the connection between these two names is very clear.

Lost Kingdom is a clear reference to the seven kingdoms of Atlantis. Six of the kingdoms have already been shown. The lost kingdom also points to the seventh and mysterious kingdom here.

In DC comics, Necrus is another underwater lost city. (The interesting thing is that there are many of them in DC.) The difference of Necrus is that it is not located in a single region of the ocean. Because the city is ruled by aliens, the city randomly spawns in different places in different periods.

At the head of Necrus is a tyrant named Mongo, who rules the civilization with a military regime. In our opinion, this is a good setup for the sequel to Aquaman. So will Aquaman confront Mongo or is this a deliberate misdirection by Wan?

The first Aquaman was an Indiana Jones-style adventure, but Wan notes that it will add some horror elements to the series and make the tone more serious.

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By Matt TM Kim.

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