Former Kamala Harris employees accuse her of being a “bully”

Since US Vice President spokeswoman Symone Sanders recently announced that she would be stepping down later this year, reports of tensions in Kamala Harris’s team have escalated, with several former employees strongly criticizing the work atmosphere.

“With Kamala you have to endure a constant amount of devastating reviews and also his own lack of confidence. So you are constantly supporting una matona and it is not very clear why, “said a former employee to The Washington Post, which interviewed 18 people, including former and current members of Harris’s team, as well as White House officials.

According to the outlet, critics consider Harris’s mode of direction to be “inconsistent and sometimes degrading“and that it is difficult to work with even for” people used to sacrificing sleep and enduring the occasional tirade of an irate boss. “

“As a former Harris staff member who resigned after five months in 2013, I’m not surprised. Still, sad to see her repeat the same old destructive patterns under the harsh gaze of the Washington press corps “, wroteFor his part, former Democratic strategist Gil Duran.

Harris’s supporters, however, claim that all criticism of her is based on racism and sexism who have followed her throughout her career and have only grown stronger after her appointment as Vice President.

Sanders herself assured that her departure is not due to any unhappiness or dysfunction, but because “she is ready for a break after three years of relentless pressure that came with being a spokesperson and advisor to Biden and Harris as they navigated a global pandemic.” .

Obstacle to future ambitions

In the opinion of Sean Clegg, a consulting partner who has worked with Harris in the past, she is a tough boss who can make people uncomfortable, but what if she were a man with the same management style. “I’d have a TV show called ‘The Apprentice’ (a program in which a group of businessmen compete for a contract to run one of former President Donald Trump’s companies) “.

The Washington Post concludes that, for critics and supporters of the vice president’s style of management alike, “the question is not simply where Harris stands on the line between demanding and degrading,” it is broader, and many are concerned. that “their inability to maintain and retain staff will hamper your future ambitions“.

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