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From woodwork to programming: an overview of our make specials

In Make Magazine we publish instructions and introductory articles on electronics and microcontroller projects every two months. For everyone who really wants to get to grips with a topic, there are also our special issues: With a focus that you can work through from front to back – from metalworking to ESP32 and Arduino to electronics basics.

Special issues wood and metal

Our latest addition is the Make special issue 2021 “Getting started with metal”. On 162 pages we give a complete overview of the most important metalworking techniques for makers – and a few experimental techniques that you can try out when screwing and grinding has become too boring. We demonstrate how to properly grit, drill, saw and file, how to join metals and venture into the world of welding. (€ 12.90 *)

In the predecessor “Get started with wood”, the Make special from 2020, everything revolves around wood, of course. For makers with two left hands, we start very gently with tool knowledge and then work our way to manual work with wood. Then we go to the machine work with the saw and for perfectionists we also go back to the CNC milling machine. (€ 9.99 *)

Make Elektronik Special

Our Make Elektronik Special offers a simple and practice-oriented introduction to transistor circuits that makers can use in their own projects. The basics of electronics are explained in an understandable way. The experiment set contains a total of 44 prototype adapters with all the important components for learning and for implementing experiment circuits. Together with the breadboard and cable set supplied, it forms an easy-to-use basis for getting started with electronics – for school, teaching but also at home. (44.95 € *)

Tired of using C ++? Then give MicroPython a try. That Make MicroPython Special offers 86 pages of material for beginners and those switching and shows how you can easily and quickly implement your own projects with the ESP32. We explain how to control GPIOs, query sensors with I2C, send MQTT packets via WLAN, use multithreading, catch errors with try-catch and save power with DeepSleep. (€ 12.90 * / € 19.90 *)

Make Node-RED Special

And if that’s not enough, we also have a large selection of specials from previous years: That Make PICAXE Special comes with the Nano-Ax board with PICAXE-08M2, the ESP32 Special brings an ESP32 NodeMCU developer board and that Make Node-RED Special shines with an ESP8266 D1 Mini with WLAN.

You can use all special issues, specials and of course the regular make order in the heise shop. We can only offer specials in a set with hardware as a print version.

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