Genshin Impact update 2.0: cross-save, Inazuma region and more

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“The immutable goddess and the eternal utopia” is the name of the new update 2.0 of Genshin Impact, the successful title of miHoYo It keeps growing and adding more content constantly. After a maintenance period in which we have not been able to access the game during this past morning, it is time to install the new patch and enter the magical world of the game to discover the region of Inazuma, meet new characters and enjoy of unpublished events. Also, with this update a very useful function and demanded by players is added: cross-save between platforms.

New Region Available: Inazuma

  • New Zones: In version 2.0, three zones of Inazuma will be unlocked: Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island.
  • Unlock Conditions: Have reached Adventure Rank 30 or higher
  • Complete Archon’s quest “Chapter II, Act I: The Immutable Goddess and the Eternal Utopia.”

New Inazuma Systems

  • Sacred Cherry– Offer the Holy Cherry the Electro badges you get during your adventures in Inazuma to increase the level of grace of the Holy Cherry, you can get tons of rewards. By raising the level of the Holy Cherry’s grace, sometimes the level of the electrograins will also increase and they will become more powerful.
  • Electrogranos: the mysterious spirits that come out of the branches of the Sacred Cherry Tree are called “electrograns”, and symbolize the protection of the Electro element.

Reputation system in Inazuma

  • Interact with certain Inazuma NPJs and you can accept missions to increase your reputation. When the reputation level increases, different rewards will be unlocked!
  • In addition, new content has been added to the day’s expeditions and commissions in the Inazuma region.

New Inazuma game modes

  • Thunder Cherry Branch– On the Inazuma Islands, branches of the Thunder Cherry Tree can sometimes be seen, from which you can obtain electrograins that last a certain amount of time.
  • Electrified barrier: In Inazuma, the barriers that obstruct the passage are called “Electrified Barriers”.
  • Electrical zone: some areas of Inazuma are affected by a high condensation of the Electro element. By being in them, you will lose Life little by little. This phenomenon is called “electrical zone”. Use electrograms to protect yourself and avoid the damage inflicted by the electrical zone.
  • Globular ray: This strange phenomenon very common in Inazuma is called “globular lightning”. Those characters who possess the power of Electro or who receive the protection of Inazuma can use them to move at lightning speed. Additionally, new mechanics have been added to the Inazuma region: Thunder Rocks, Lightning Probe, Unloaded Stone, and Accumulation Stone.
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New Inazuma domains

  • Forge Domain: Sunagare Garden– They say that in ancient times lost in history, there was a naive king who dreamed of building a tall garden in honor of the white sacred tree in the primeval sands. Now, a deathly silence fills the spaces of the kingdom built on sand, but the obsession of the past remains.
  • Mastery Mastery: Garden of Thoughts– Once upon a time, in the past, mountains rose higher than the heavens, and the earth was larger than the celestial vault. However, one day the mirror broke and the tide rose. According to legend, this was what caused the primordial cherry tree to be separated from the other islands.
  • Domain of blessing: Autumn garden: the court is a portrait of an eternal falling of red leaves. Perhaps the lost causes and the unforgettable loves followed the channels of the earth and were incarnated in the fruits of the white tree of the court.
  • Domain: Ship of a Thousand Gates: This abode of a tengu that floats on the sea like a lonely drifting ship was visited by the Three Yougou in the past. In the end, it became the cage in which they would spend the rest of their hopeless days.
  • Dominio: Pabellón Shakkei– This magnificent mansion was built by an ancient ascetic warrior deep within the earth using elements from the outside world for his scenery. In the days that followed, they found a heartbroken eccentric inside.
  • Domain: Training residence: This estate once belonged to the snake Orobashi no Mikoto, until he, the remains of his god and the sky were split in two by lightning.

New characters

Kamisato Ayaka, “the Frost Heron” (Cryo) 5

  • Vision: Cryo
  • Weapon: Light Sword
  • Daughter of the Kamisato family, of the Yashiro Commission. Dignified and elegant, but at the same time intelligent and strong. The Kamisato clan, belonging to the Yashiro Commission of the Inazuma shogunate, is known to be one of the most distinguished clans in the nation. It is the branch of the Triumvirate and is in charge of ceremonial and cultural affairs. When his parents passed away, my brother and I assumed all the responsibilities of our clan, both large and small.
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Yoimiya, “the Mistress of Flames” (Pyro) 5

  • Vision: Pyro
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Owner of the Pirotecnia Naganohara store and Queen of the Summer Festival. Deposit the wishes of the people in your artisanal fireworks. Fireworks are born from the attraction of people towards light and beauty. The first records of fireworks date back to Liyue, during the War of the Archons. Born of fire and embodied in stone and metal, they have since become an integral part of many festive activities in Teyvat. The Naganohara family has carried on this beautiful human tradition from generation to generation.

Sayu, “the Ninja Badger” (Anemo) 4

  • Vision: Anemo
  • Weapon: Greatsword
  • A short ninja belonging to Los Ocelos, it always seems that she has not had enough sleep.

Traveler (Electro) 5

Interact with a Statue of The Seven – Electro to resonate with the Electro element, and use a new Elemental Skill and Ultimate Skill.

New equipmentNew weapons

  • Reflection of Darkness (Light Sword) 5 ★
  • Lightning Shaker (Bow) 5 ★
  • Twin Amenoma Sword (light sword) 4 ★
  • Katsuragi Assassination (Greatsword) 4 ★
  • Cruz de Kitain (lanza) 4 ★
  • Hakushin’s Ring (Catalyst) 4 ★
  • Slayer (Bow) 4 ★

New artifacts

  • Reminiscence of Purification (★ 4- ★ 5)
  • Emblem of Destiny (★ 4- ★ 5)

New event

“Electric Collision” Event: Participate to obtain Beidou, “Queen of the Crownless Ocean” (Electro)!

During the event, by completing Inazuma’s challenges, you will be able to obtain Storm Hail and Storm Crystals. These can be used to earn Beidou, “Crownless Ocean Queen” (Electro), Crown of Wisdom, Talent Upgrade Material, and Hero’s Ingenuity, among other rewards!

  • Act i At the speed of lightning: from 2021/7/22 10:00 to 2021/8/9 3:59
  • Act ii Thunderous offensive: until 2021/7/24 4:00
  • Act iii Electromagnetic warp: until 2021/7/27 4:00
  • Act iv Automaton battle: until 2021/7/30 4:00
  • Exchange phase: from 2021/7/22 10:00 to 2021/8/16 3:59

Participation requirements

  • Have reached Adventure Rank 30 or higher.
  • Complete the Archon quest “Autumn Wind and Scarlet Leaves” and the quest “Ritou’s Escape Plan” from Chapter II, Act I of “The Unchanging Goddess and the Eternal Utopia.”

New Archon Missions

  • Archon Mission «Chapter II, Act I: The immutable goddess and the eternal utopia»
  • Archon Mission «Chapter II, Act II: Stillness, the sublimation of the shadow»
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Beidou’s Crux Meridianam Fleet is almost ready! As agreed, the crew will take you across the seas through Inazuma’s electrical storm. A traveler never stops for too long. Today is a good day to start a new journey and leave for the nation of eternity!

After updating to version 2.0, the unlock requirements for certain missions will be adjusted:

  • The Adventure Rank required to unlock the Archon Chapter I: Act II quest will be changed to 25 or higher (originally 29 or higher was required)
  • The Adventure Rank required to unlock the Archon Chapter I: Act III quest will be changed to 28 or higher (originally 35 or higher was required)
  • The Adventure Rank required to unlock the world quest “Dainsleif, the Seeker of Truth” will be changed to 28 or higher (originally 36 or higher was required)
  • The Adventure Rank required to unlock the Archon Chapter I: Act IV quest will be changed to 28 or higher (originally 36 or higher was required)

* The level of monsters in the Archon Chapter I: Act II quest will be changed to 30 (originally 35). The rest of the requirements and rewards will not undergo any modification.

New Legendary Missions

  • Kamisato Ayaka’s Legendary Mission, Grus Nivis: “Act I, The Tale of the Crane and the White Rabbit.”
  • Yomiya’s Legendary Quest, Carassius Auratus: “Act I, Timeless as a Dream.”

New world missions

  • New World Quests: “The Art of Horticulture”, “Purification of the Sacred Cherry Tree”, “A Strange Tale in Konda”, “Offering of Sacrifice”, “Orchestra of Tanukis in the Forest”, “Purification of Impurities”, and «Purification Yougou».

New monsters

  • Hipostasis Pyro: Elemental creature that protects itself from attacks with a resistant armor.
  • Eternal Machinery: a strange and treacherous fighting machine.
  • Nobushi – Philodemon, Nobushi – Debt of Fire, Nobushi – Cunning, Samurai Kairagi – Fiery Menace, Samurai Kairagi – Dancing Lightning.
  • A wandering warrior with evil intentions: Ruin Patrolman, Ruin Destroyer, Ruin Defender, Ruin Scout.
  • Mácorners of extra shapesñas and different functions.
  • Fatui – Maiden of the Mirror: some Fatui maidens who use a water mirror to fight and who come from Snezhnaya.

Additionally, there will be new monsters, such as Electro Grenade Launcher Hilichurls, Electro Samachurls, Electro Ax Mitachurls, Electro Abyss Mages, Electro Helm Lawachurls, and Electro Mega Flowers.

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