Germany filters and classifies several Star Wars games already digitally edited

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Several classic Star Wars titles that are already on sale in digital format have appeared on a list by the USK, the body that classifies video games in Germany. According to this listing, THQ Nordic will reissue several productions of yesteryear in various packs. These are products like Star Wars: Jedi Knight o Star Wars Episodio I Racer, for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. They are the following:

  • Star Wars Racer and Commando combo (PS4 y Nintendo Switch)
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight Collection (PS4 y Nintendo 64)

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Diving into the classic Lucas Arts catalog

Back in the days of the prequels, the now defunct Lucas Arts marketed several video games based on these films. Perhaps two of the most prominent are Star Wars Episode I Racer and Star Wars: Republic Commando. The first of them collects the adrenaline of pod racing, so we can compete in this peculiar sport that is as dangerous as it is fun. The second, instead, is a first-person shooter in which you manage a squad of clones during the war that pits the Separatists against the Galactic Republic (managed in the shadows by Palpatine).

Star Wars: Jedi Knight, on the other hand, moves within the so-called Expanded Universe, so that the story that is told is not part of those that have been told to us in canon products. As a first-person shooter (battles with lightsabers are in third) it is considered one of the most solvent products in the universe created by George Lucas, both narratively and playable.

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The future of Star Wars in video games it’s not just in the hands of Electronic Arts. The North American publisher works on sequels to Jedi: Fallen Order, while other companies have joined the battle with their own titles. Ubisoft Massive is working on an open world video game, about which not much is known yet.

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