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Gisela Valcárcel on Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba: “I am not going to purify someone because they remain silent” | VIDEO – MAG.

In the seventh gala of “Queens of the Show”, Gisela Valcárcel ruled on the controversy in which Melissa Paredes is involved after being caught in a compromising situation with the dancer Anthony Aranda.

The figure of América Televisión also specifically referred to Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba, who has been identified as the most affected after the images broadcast by the Magaly Medina program.

“We all make mistakes, all of us. I hope you and Rodrigo can talk again, but I’m not going to purify anyone just because they keep quiet. In Peru it is said that Rodrigo is the good one just because and that Melissa is bad, but I don’t believe those stories ”, sentenced the driver and owner of GV Productions.

“In real life there are no good or bad, in real life there are people who make mistakes, in real life there are men who show their faces, in real life there are women with courage who are capable of showing their faces. In real life there are people capable of forgiving and moving forward ”, he bounded.

Finally, Ethel Pozo’s mother approached Melissa and asked her to trust God so that she can get through this difficult time.

“In this house (‘Queens of the show’) you will not be judged, I cannot do anything else so that they do not attack you, but I can ask you to have a brave attitude, to trust God and to take into account that you are not the first or the last one that is wrong ”, he pointed out.

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