Givenchy presents a rope-shaped necklace with a gallows knot and is criticized for having “a cynical agenda to scandalize” (PHOTO)

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The French luxury brand Givenchy has been involved in the scandal as a result of the presentation, this Sunday, of a necklace in the shape of a rope with a bow reminiscent of a gallows.

The jewel, made of silver, was shown during Paris Fashion Week, where it attracted attention after fashion watchdog Diet Prada posted a photo on its Instagram page and compared the case to the one two years ago. starred in British fashion brand Burberry.

“You’d think the industry would have learned not to put rope-like things around a model’s neck after the Burberry gallows-knot hoodie debacle in 2019 … This Givenchy necklace that ends to reach the catwalk it is dangerously close to the same territory, “said Diet Prada, stating that” history repeats itself. “

The publication has received nearly 2,000 comments, mostly negative, about the design, which was also criticized by experts.

“I don’t know what to say here, in the face of tiresome ‘desire to shock’ or utter thoughtlessness. For me, the questions that are relevant but never answered are: who are the decision makers behind the scenes? Who authorizes articles As offensive as this? When there is a reaction, are they fired? “asked Angela McRobbie, professor of media, communications and cultural studies at the University of London, in a comment to The Guardian. The academic added that it may be a premeditated campaign: “Is there a cynical agenda to scandalize and then quickly withdraw the offensive article because of the media attention it generates?”

NBC Universal executive Mike Sington also opined that the brand displayed the necklace to get attention. “Givenchy shows a ‘gallows necklace’ at his Paris Fashion Week show. I guess a swastika, or a model wearing a gun or a white hood was too daring”, tweeted journalist.

Meanwhile, the company has not yet commented on the events.

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