Google: Covid vaccination certificates can be saved directly in Android

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A new version of the Passes interface makes it possible to save and display Covid vaccination certificates and test results directly in Android. Google has announced the expanded functionality of the API, which was previously primarily used for voucher cards, in a blog entry.

Users of smartphones with Android version 5 or newer can use it to save their digital Covid vaccination certificate on their mobile phone without having to install a separate app. However, this only works if local health authorities and service providers support the Android function. For now it stands loud Google blog entry also only available in the USA, other countries are to follow.

In order to be able to use the Covid-Cards from Google, a lock screen must be set up on the smartphone. If the vaccination certificate or the test is to be displayed, the mobile phone calls up this lock screen – users then have to re-enter their PIN or use biometric functions such as fingerprints. Only then will the certificate be displayed.

According to Google, the digital vaccination certificate is only stored locally on the mobile phone, i.e. not on the Google server. If you want to use your certificate on several Android devices, you have to scan it several times. Google collects some data on the use of the Passes app. For example, the company can record when and how often the Covid Card is accessed.

In Germany, the functionality that Google is now integrating directly into Android is integrated into the Corona warning app and the CovPass application, among other things. The Luca app also supports digital proof of vaccination. The Google functions can be particularly helpful for countries and regions that do not yet have their own app for displaying digital vaccination records. Last year, Google and Apple integrated Corona contact tracking directly into their mobile operating systems.


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