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Hacking tools: Set up the hacking stick with Kali Linux

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Kali Linux is a useful helper in many situations: It contains a number of hacking tools that you can try out immediately. The often cumbersome setup of the programs is no longer necessary. This not only allows you to detect security problems, the tools supplied are also suitable for saving data and much more. With little effort you can create a bootable USB stick with which you can see for yourself.

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It is based on a Debian that has been perfectly tailored to the needs of the hacking community. Therefore, just like its predecessor BackTrack Linux, Kali has been the first choice for security experts and hackers for years. Kali can be installed like any operating system, but it is not necessary to try it out. In the simplest case, the Hacker Linux runs as a live operating system from the USB stick – if desired, with a data partition in which you can permanently bunker data. There are also all kinds of virtual machines and images for Raspis and the “Windows Subsystem for Linux” (WSL) introduced with Windows 10. In short: if you want to test potash, you have many options.

This article shows you how to set up a Kali Live Stick that you can use universally, as well as the first steps so that you can work comfortably with it. Compared to a virtual machine, such a live stick has the advantage that its operating system can directly access the computer’s hardware. This is important in situations in which a hardware-related hacking tool needs direct access to network cards, USB devices or GPUs, for example.

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