Hot And Sexy Ukrainian Women: Top 30 Sexy Ukrainians in 2022

There are many popular ladies from Ukraine. So, when you think of hot and sexy Ukrainian women, you don’t have to imagine only Mila Kunis or Mila Jovovich. But there are so many gorgeous women who you should know about. Ukraine is a country where you can meet the most charming women in the world.

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In Ukraine, there are so many gorgeous ladies that you might think that almost everyone can be a model. This is what you can feel when dating Ukrainian sexy women online. They tend to look hot and young. But what do they look like? Before you start dating, discover the top 30 hot Ukrainian girls that determine the beauty standards in Ukraine.

Genetic diversity is a critical component for the adaptation of a population to changing environmental factors. Besides, it explains the inherent nature of appealing ladies living in Ukraine. There are so many diverse ethnic groups living there. So, it’s not surprising why Ukrainian women are so hot and elegant.

Hot and sexy Ukrainian women owe their charm not only to their genetics and ethnic diversity, but they also invest a lot in their appearance. They do their best to become noticed and popular in their country. But what makes them appealing? Here are some of the factors explaining their phenomenal charm:

  • Beauty standards. Perfect skin is one of the main beauty standard for a Ukrainian woman. She should take care of her skin. Besides, the majority of ladies living in Ukraine have pale white skins. Besides, much attention is given to the care of their faces and hair.
  • Perfect bodies. Look at the bodies of ladies like Dasha Astafieva, Katya Onyshecnko, and Dasha Ulyanova. Aren’t they too sexy? Indeed, one of the best things about hot and sexy Ukrainian women is their body shapes. They know how to impress anyone with their curvy or slim bodies.
  • Makeup. These ladies know how to look great with makeup. They learn to wear it from childhood. This accentuates their charm and elegance. So, these hot women are hard to resist.
  • Stylishness. Much attention is also given to the style of women. Indeed, women from Ukraine love to highlight the perfection of their bodies with their clothes. Being stylish is their ability to impress anyone.

All in all, these women are born to be charming. Their captivating looks and expressive eyes can disarm anyone. So, you better not miss your chance to find your soulmate from Ukraine. Thus, you just need a good dating site. Before you start dating them, why not discover the most popular and sexiest women from Ukraine.

Top 30 Hot And Sexy Ukrainian Women

It’s time to delve into the popular names known to Ukrainian audiences. What’s more, some of the names you’ll discover are also known worldwide. If you wonder how charming, elegant, and mesmerizing hot Ukrainian women can be, get to know the hottest of them. Here is the list of 30 women who are worth your attention. Take your time to enjoy them.

1. Tina Karol

Her full name is Tina Hryhorivna Liberman. This hot Ukrainian woman was born in 1985. At the age of 37, she is among the hottest Ukrainian women you can search for online. She’s a popular singer, Television presenter, and actress. She represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. She’s a member of The Voice Of Ukraine at the moment.

Being one of the most recognized personalities in Ukraine, she’s also a renowned TV presenter. She’s also known for her participation in the United Nations campaign against HIV in Ukraine.

2. NK

When thinking of sexy Ukrainian women, it’s worth mentioning the name Anastasia Oleksiivna Kamenskykh. Born in 1985, she’s known more as NK. Besides her sexual appeal, she’s renowned pop and R&B singer. She started her career as a singer in 2004.

From 2006 to 2017, NK performed with the duo Potap and Nastya. This duo was popular in many countries. Later, she continued her career as a singer without this duo. She released several successful singles. She continues to appear on TV shows.

3. Julia Sanina

Julia Sanina was born in 1990. She lived in a family of musicians, and this explains her passion for music. Her first appearance on stage was when she was only 3.  She was a vocalist in the band Sister Sire. Later, she became a member of a pop duet.

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Her band later was changed to The Hardkiss. She and her music producer started to write songs, mainly in English. She remains popular and considered to be among the hottest Ukrainian girls.

4. Olena Kravets

Born in 1977, Olena Kravets is still an appealing and sexy woman despite being 45. She’s a woman who proves that age is just a number. But it’s not her appearance that makes her worth mentioning. She’s one of the most successful women in Ukraine.

She’s a famous actress, producer, and television host. Mainly, she’s known for being an executive director of Kvartal 95 Television and studio production. She’s been an executive director since 2000. Besides being a popular star in Ukraine, she launched her own line of clothing designed for pregnant women namely One Size By Lena Kravets.

5. Olena Zelenska

Sexy Ukrainians can be really influential, and there are many great examples of that. Perhaps, one of the most evident examples can be Olena Zelenska. She’s one of the most talented women in Ukraine. In The international arena, she’s more known as the First Lady of Ukraine.

Born in 1978, Olena Zelenska was a renowned screenwriter. In 2019, she became the First lady of Ukraine. She appeared on the cover of Vogue in the same year. According to Focus magazine, she was included in the 100 most influential Ukrainians.

6. Kseniya Mishyna

Looking for famous and popular hot Ukrainian girls? The name Kseniya Mishyna should be among the first ones to know. Born in 1989, she was noticed in 2007, when she won second place in the Sevastopol Beauty contest. Although known for her elegance and charm, Kseniya was in love with films and theaters.

She’s known for being a popular actress. Mainly, she acts in the theatres of Kyiv. Her first important role was in the movie Temptation, for which she received professional recognition. In 2019, she was a winner of the project Tantsi Z Zirkamy.

7. Elina Svitolina

When you imagine hot Ukrainian babes, you may think of some hot models. But it’s not only models who have captivating appearances. Elina Svitolina is a famous tennis player who was born in 1994. She managed to reach third place in the ranking of international tennis players.

She’s considered to be among the most successful tennis players in Ukraine. Elina still continues her career as a professional tennis player. Now she lives in London with her family. She’s been sponsored by companies like Nike, Ellesse, and Lacoste.

8. Lesia Nikitiuk

Born in 1987, Lesia Nikitiuk dedicated almost her whole life to television. She was talented, and her famous video of Halia, I’m On The Bus collected more than 4 million views on YouTube. She performed in the Curling Show and Rozsmishi Konika.

She’s also known as a host of the TV show Oryol I Reshka from 2012 to 2013. In 2015, she was nominated for the Television Prize known as Teletriumf as a leading entertainment program. She still continues to appear on Ukrainian television.

9. Olya Polyakova

Olya Polyakova is a sexy Ukrainian girl popular in her country. She’s a singer and TV presenter. She was born in 1979. She started her career as a singer when she was 15.

She succeeded in winning several musical awards. In 2008, she released her famous song Super Blonde. What’s more, she’s known to be one of the most patriotic celebrities living in Ukraine. Nowadays, she’s more commonly referred to as the Super Blonde of Ukraine.

10. Regina Todorenko

Born in 1990, Regina Todorenko is a famous pop star in her country. Besides, she’s a well-known TV presenter. It’s hard to resist the charm and elegance of such a woman like Regina, and this explains why she’s so popular among men.

Although she’s a singer, she became more recognized when she started appearing on the TV project Oryol I Reshka. She released one of her popular songs Heart’s Beating in 2015. Since then, she’s released several popular songs.

11. Kateryna Pavlenko

When it comes to hot Ukrainian girls, it’s really worth mentioning the name Kateryna Pavlenko. She’s more commonly referred to as Monokate, which is her stage name. She was born in 1988 to a very poor family. Yet her life hardships made her persevere and succeed.

In Ukraine, Monokate is a renowned singer, composer, and folklorist. She’s also known as the lead vocalist of GO_A electro-folk band. She represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. In the same year, she reached 1st place in the Spotify Viral 50 of the global version.

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12. Maria Skorchenko

Known for her sexy body, Maria is one of the most popular Instagram influencers in Ukraine. If you’re interested in videos and photos of Ukrainian sexy women, you should visit her social media accounts.

She was born in 1990. Besides being a social media influencer, she’s a professional dancer. You can watch her hot twerk dance she posts on her account. She’s also known as MAMASITA.

13. Khrystyna Kots-Hotlib

She was born in 1983. Khrystyna is mainly known as a singer and beauty pageant titleholder. She was crowned Miss Ukraine Universe in 2009, and later she represented her country in Miss Universe in 2009. She was once a member of the trio VIAGRA, popular in Russia and Ukraine.

It’s hard to say that she focused on her career as a singer as much as on her modeling career. In modeling, she’s still considered to be among the hottest women you can find in Ukraine. She appeared in one of the most popular men’s magazines XXL.

14. Santa Dimopoulos

From the name, you might have guessed that Santa Dimopoulos is a Ukrainian celebrity with Greek genes. She’s a singer and model popular in Ukraine. She’s a winner of the Ukrainian TV show Dancing with the Stars in 2020.

She was a member of the famous VIAGRA, but she didn’t stay there long. Also, she was a member of the girl group Queens. Besides, she was 3rd in Miss Ukraine Universe in 2009. On her social media account, you can see her hot photos.

15. Alena Venum

It’s hard to make a list of the hottest Ukrainian girls without the name Alena Venum. Her real name is Alena Sokolova. Venum is her stage name. Born in 1992, she became popular thanks to her social media and blogs.

She’s currently a blogger. Her first video was uploaded in 2015. Her first inspiration for this video was a character from Vampire’s Diaries. Later, she had great blogs where she demonstrated DIY things. She’s also known for commercials for Twix.

16. Viktoriya Sasonkina

A good example of sexy Ukrainian girls can be Viktoriya Sasonkina. She was born in 1988. One of her favorite hobbies was painting. Her paintings made it to international contests. It’s not surprising why she got a bachelor’s degree in architecture and design.

Although she was interested in design, painting, and architecture, her stunning appearance didn’t go unnoticed. This paved a way for my success as a model. Now she resides in the USA, and she works with several famous brands including Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta, and many others.

17. Yulia Ivaniuk

Born in 1992, Yulia dreamt of being a model from her childhood. Her popular model who was her inspiration was Cynthia Crawford. She started her modeling career when she was 15. Yulia managed to win several local contests.

Her popularity started to increase, making her move to the USA to become even more professional in modeling. Nowadays, she’s considered among the sexiest models. She’s also known as Juju, a name that was given to her by the photographer.

18. Nataliia Gotsii

She was born in 1985. She was interested in getting higher education, so she didn’t think of making a career as a model. But unexpected things happen. Given that she’s a hot and sexy Ukrainian girl, it’s quite normal that she wasn’t left unnoticed. 

She was invited to take part in a beauty contest, where she was 2nd. Then, she continued to become more popular in the modeling industry. Now, she works with brands like Vogue and Marie Claire. She’s also a TV presenter Podium show.

19. Arina Lubiteleva

Born in 1999, she’s one of the most successful models in Ukraine. She started modeling when she was a student at school. She used to be a teacher of defile at the local school of modeling.

In Ukraine’s Next Top Model show, she won second place. That event made her popular. She signed a contract with popular model agencies. Now, she works for a prominent magazine and represents popular brands.

20. Alina Paniuta

Another great example of hot Ukrainian women should be Alina. She was born in 1990.  From childhood, she was interested in dancing and sports. Thanks to an active lifestyle, she started her career as a model.

Her popularity came with the show Ukraine’s Next Top Model. Although her way to modeling was difficult enough, she managed to become one of the most successful models. Now she represents several famous brands.

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21. Kate Underwood

Kate was born in 1991. Her mother was a successful model. Even after birth, her mother didn’t leave her modeling career. This was a great opportunity for Kate Underwood, alias Kateryna Pidlisna, to know more about the world of modeling. This helped her become a successful model too.

Her mother was her tutor who showed her how to pose and take photos. When she was 19, she won her first photo contest. She’s worked with popular brands like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

22. Katya Polchenko

Thanks to her hot appearance and sexy body, Katya Polchenko is another great demonstration of how charming ladies in Ukraine can be in real life. She’s made a career as a model. She’s been modeling all her life.

Her first attempts to be spotted started when she took part in local beauty contests. Still, she managed to become famous by participating in Ukraine’s Next Top Model show. She managed to get 2nd place.

23. Aliona Ruban

How about looking for a hot Ukrainian woman like Aliona Ruban? She’s proved that persistence can be a key factor in making a good career. She’s one of the prominent models in Ukraine although she lives in Dubai.

Born in 1990, she was brought up by her grandparents, as she lost her mother when she was only 9. She was a strong lady. Given her beauty and appealing look, she made it to the popular show in Ukraine. After the show, she signed contracts with agencies in Dubai, where she continues her career.

24. Daria Verbova

Darya is another great example of how Ukrainian women become successful worldwide. Born in 1983, she moved with her family to Canada. She was only 3 at that time. Her first modeling career started when she was 13.

She took part in a local contest. Later on, she was noticed by some popular agencies. Now, she works with brands like Prada, Elle, and many others. She’s one of the top paid models.

25. Anastasia Masiutkina

Anastasia was born in 1986. After graduation from Kyiv Linguistic University, she moved to Paris where she started a career as a model. Besides, she also worked as a journalist. In 2014, she decided to write her own blog.

Nowadays, she continues her career as a model in Paris. At the same time, she works on blogging and business.

26. Alina Baikova

Alina is a unique and charming lady from Ukraine. She came from a poor family who couldn’t afford to pay for higher education. She started working as a waitress, and later on, she was advised to try modeling.

Later, her career grew rapidly, and nowadays, she’s one of the most successful models working with different prominent brands.

27. Inna Fisun

Inna is a beautiful and talented model. She was born in 1994. Inna has never been bored with studying. Besides studying literature and physics, she also loved playing the piano.

Still, she became a popular model. She was noticed by a professional photographer who helped her get a contract with a modeling agency. She still continues her modeling.

28. Snezhana Onopko

Born in 1986, Snezhana is one of the most successful models. She did her best to become a model when she was at school. Her success came when she was 18. Snezhana was noticed by a professional photographer.

He helped her to sign a contract with the DNA model agency, which is also known as the Naomi Campbell agency. She’s the only model from Ukraine to appear on the Vogue cover twice. She’s one of the hottest women in the world in 2022.

29. Elizabeth Vasilenko

She’s also another great model who conquered Ukraine with her charm and elegance. She started modeling when she was only 13, and she was interested in cosplaying. Later, she launched her own blog.

At the age of 16, she began her professional career as a model. Her popularity came with her starring in a teen drama. She became famous, paving the way for more success. She now represents several brands.

When searching for hot Ukrainian women, it’s almost impossible to skip the name Elena Kosmina. Born in 1995, she was quite active during her childhood. When she was 13, she enrolled in a school of modeling.

She managed to participate in several beauty contests. She won the international contest known as Top Model of The World in 2015. She resides in the US where she continues her career as a model.

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