How to Activate Secret Mode to Hide Your ID During Calls on iPhone and Other Smartphones

How to Hide Your Telephone Number on iPhones

Receiving and making phone calls to other people is one of the most common things nowadays. However, it is important that if you carry out this action with strangers, you may not want to show your contact number to prevent them from adding you without your permission. In this sense, from the iPhone there is a secret mode that consists of hiding the ID call, this in order to protect the privacy and information of users.

For this, it will not be necessary to download any shortcut or use programs that only take up unnecessary space on the mobile device. Although this option is quite profitable, it should be noted that it only works in conventional telephone calls, so if you communicate through WhatsApp or you use FaceTime, the number will still be visible to other people, so you will have to take your precautions.

This is how you can hide your telephone number on iPhones:

1. Enter the “Settings” section from your iPhone.
2. After To do this, select the “Phone” option.
3. Then, go to the “Calls” section.
4. Tap on the switch to deactivate “Show caller ID”.
5. This alternative is activated by default.
6. Wait a few seconds while the changes are processed.
7. Immediately return to the main screen of your iPhone.

Every time you make a phone call, your number cannot be seen by the other person. Remember that you can always turn this option back on if you want to communicate with your friends or other trusted people.

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