How to get HBO Max at half price forever, for only 4.49 euros per month!

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After waiting for no less than a year and a half, finally HBO Max, the improved version and with more content of the classic HBO -the most veteran VOD platform of which there is-, arrives in Europe and Spain today, Tuesday, October 26. And it does so with these contents, channels and also a subscription offer to attract new users.

HBO Max at half price

The usual price of HBO is 8.99 euros per month, And that’s not going to change on HBO Max. But if you are not yet a subscriber of the service, the VOD platform offers you a tempting offer: A subscription with 50% discount, so the month of service is a 4,49€.

And the best thing is that this discount is not limited to the first month or the first three months as it usually happens in these cases, but to as long as you want. HBO Max offers you the discount forever”, so that each month it will be renewed at that price with no duration limit.

50% discount on HBO Max

According to the bases of the web, the offer “is valid from October 26, 2021 to November 30 from 2021 [y] only for new HBO Max subscribers “, applying only “to the plan monthly self-renewing subscription de HBO Max”.

Offer is available “Via, Google Play, and the LG, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms” and valid only in Andorra, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain and Sweden. The discount will be applied only as long as the consumer maintains their plan of monthly subscription with a valid payment method, so if you change your subscription to another plan or cancel it, you lose it.

You can sign up in this link


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