How to get Heracross in Pokémon GO and beat him in raids

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Heracross is visiting Europe and other territories where it had never appeared in Pokémon GO to date. The Niantic game community for iOS and Android managed to complete all 24 challenges in the global challenge stadium during the Pokémon GO Festival 2021, which translates into a unique opportunity to be able to capture the Beetle from the region of Management, counterpart of Pinsir, in lands beyond Latin America (it is one of the regional Pokémon of the title); although only temporarily. We explain how to capture Heracross and how to defeat him in raids.

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Dates: When can we catch Heracross in Pokémon GO in Europe (Spain included)?

The event Ultrabonus Part 2: Space it takes place only during a few days of this month of August; specifically from Friday, August 6, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. to Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. local time. From this Friday we have a temporary rotation in the raid bosses of one, three and five stars. Not in vain, the category that interests us is that of three stars, since that is where Heracross is found; with the possibility of appearing in your form shiny/variocolor.

Specifically, during the dates indicated, Alakazam, Kangaskhan and Heracross will be the three-star raid bosses, so don’t be surprised if you see the other two from time to time.

Heracross in Pokémon GO: statistics and best opponents

Rest assured: it is quite easy to catch and defeat Heracross in Pokémon GO. In fact, as it is not a five-star raid, if we have a high Trainer level we can complete the raid ourselves.

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Being a Bug / Fighting-type Pokémon, its weaknesses are clear: Flying, Hada, Psychic Y Fire. If we set up a team with these types and movements of said elemental types, we don’t have much to worry about. Now your charged moves Megahorn (Bug), Earthquake (Earth) and Point Blank (Fight) are especially strong, let’s not trust ourselves. His stats are 234 ATK, 179 DEF, and 190 Stamina.

We leave you the most recommended opponents to defeat Heracross in Pokémon GO in 2021.

  • Moltres with Wing Attack and Air Attack
  • Rayquaza with Air Slash and Gale
  • Yveltal with Tornado and Gale
  • Honchcrow with Peck and Air Strike
  • Staraptor with Wing Attack and Daring Bird
  • Unfezant with Air Chop and Air Strike
  • Ho-Oh with Paranormal and Daring Bird

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