How to play jokes on WhatsApp with these apps and websites on April Fools’ Day

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Although we are not exactly for jokes, with the rebounds of the Coronavirus and two years with this shit, it is also true that a joke that makes us smile is always appreciated. The Day of the Holy Innocents has become a day in which all kinds of jokes are celebrated in Spain and Latin America, including the support of the media such as the press and TV, which take the opportunity to sneak some false or misrepresented news to provide a humor note.

Today, and despite the fact that we live a complicated reality, social networks are going to be a festival of jokes and jokes, so how about some apps to play jokes on WhatsApp?

Pranks on WhatsApp and other networks

Make fake calls

One of the classics of all Christmas. Thanks to Juassap for iOS Y Android You can simulate that someone calls the phone number of your choice and record the entire call to later share it through the instant messaging app. One of the best apps to play jokes on WhatsApp on April Fools Day 2017.

Send blank messages

This application to send jokes on WhatsApp your friends can piss off the calmest. And is that Empty Messages allows you to do something that the messaging app itself does not allow: Send blank messages to any contact. In this way, you can “troll” them, making them go crazy thinking that you are telling them something important, when in reality you are not.

Pretend someone famous writes to you

Fake Chats Conversations para Android it’s a good one application to play pranks on April Fools’ Day that allows you to receive create a false conversation of whoever you want, even celebrities, since it even allows you to add false voice notes and calls.

Prank apps for mobile

The broken screen joke

The idea of ​​dropping the phone and breaking the screen is something that scares us, especially if we have a high-end of 700-900 euros that we are still paying or whose warranty has already expired. Broken Screen is one of the most popular apps on the Android market and it is the one we are going to use, as it simulates the effect of a broken screen quite realistically. In fact, it goes further, simulating the moment in which the glass cracks and supporting it with a sound of broken glass to give forcefulness to the moment.

When launching the app we can choose the type of fracture that will appear, even one in which the screen is turned off to give the matter even more ‘gravity’. And that’s it, after preparing it, it will be the moment when we will pass the phone on to a friend and as soon as he puts his finger on the screen, BAM! It will break’. We can even configure the glass to ‘break’ when moving the phone, simulating that it falls at a very low height or something similar. Yes, it may be a joke, but almost 360,000 users have voted 5 stars in the Play Store on how effective and fun it is.

Download Broken Screen for Android

The Honk

Remember that horrible sound of the air horns that are so loud, the same ones that are often seen at sporting events like soccer games? The Real Horn app allows you to blast a train, ship, etc. horn on someone or better: program it with sound detection so that it sounds automatically when a noise occurs. It does not work for WhatsApp, but it is for a live joke without a doubt.

Download the Honk for Android

Troll prank

Another app whose name leaves no room for doubt, also uses the classic jumpscare, although its best asset is its high level of customization. We can choose the image of the scare, also the programming time and even different sounds for each scare. But the best thing is that the app allows the mobile also vibrates during the scare, which increases the experience, and that lThe front camera is activated to take a photo of the person during the scare. What a combo.

Download Troll Joke for Android


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