Hydrogen bus catches fire in the Netherlands

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A fire broke out on Thursday afternoon in a depot of the Arriva transport company in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. A hydrogen-powered bus caught fire. People were not injured, the local fire department announced on Twitter. The cause of the fire has not yet been clarified, it is still being determined.

This year Arriva had ordered a total of ten Urbino 12 fuel cell buses from the Polish manufacturer Solaris. They are scheduled to drive in the Gelderland province from December this year. Up to 85 people can ride in the hydrogen bus.

The first of these buses, which, according to media reports, had just been delivered this week, has now apparently burned down. Its flames are said to have spread to the rest of the building. The fire brigade warned residents not to approach the scene of the fire because of the risk of explosion. She herself had therefore fought the fire from the outside.

During the fire, explosions could be heard, reports the news portal Omroep Gelderland. The fire brigade suspects that they could also have been caused by tires. Due to the smoke development, the Dutch alarm system NL-Alarm was temporarily triggered, people should not go outside and close windows and doors.

The burned down depot is now to be demolished. Arriva does not yet know what will happen to the other hydrogen buses that have been ordered. As long as the cause of the fire has not been clarified, it is not yet clear whether the delivery of the other buses will be delayed.

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There have recently been fire incidents in Germany in which electric buses were damaged. For example, four weeks ago there was a fire in a bus depot in Stuttgart, and 25 buses were destroyed. The fire is said to have started from the roof of a charging electric bus. However, there are hardly any traces that can be used to further clarify the cause of the fire.


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