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Ideal for The Crown: there is a traitor in royalty for leaking what will happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies

The royal family is going through one of the most critical moments, since In recent months, important details of the after the death of Queen Elizabeth II became known. This is a highly confidential plan that will be carried out only in that situation, so Buckingham Palace erupted in fury and they believe there is a traitor among them. Is Peter Morgan closely following him to The Crown?

As we know, the original series of the streaming service Netflix He began to tell the life of the monarch, taking his licenses for some situations, so that there was a lot of annoyance from the royal environment when telling the story from a specific track point. There will still be more of the show in the fifth season, and it is expected that at some point what is currently being experienced will be shown.

At present there seems to be a negative climate, as “Operation London Bridge” was leaked, a deployment of various protocols that will take place in the United Kingdom for 10 days on the day of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. We are talking about a plan that was created in 1960 and had some updates that had never been published, but now we know the steps to follow.

1- Once the death of Elizabeth II is confirmed, the Prime Minister on duty will be notified directly

2- “London Bridge fell” is the encrypted phrase that will also be communicated to all officials.

3- There would be a report to the world press with the announcement of the death of the queen.

4- All members of Buckingham Palace will wear mourning badges to show respect.

5- All workers will return to their homes immediately.

6- If death occurs abroad, a coffin will be sent.

7- The body of the queen will remain in the throne room of Buckingham Palace.

8- On the fourth day, they must move it to Westminster Hall, where it will rest for another four days and people will be able to see it.

9- On the ninth day, she would be buried after a ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

10- The coronation of Prince Charles will be after a considerable time.

When it became known, a member of the British government told The Mirror: “Neither the Palace nor the Government are particularly happy when leaks of this nature occur. But it is more annoying than detrimental to the plans.”. The Politico news site added that this information could have been released by a direct source from the authorities and that there could be an official investigation to find the person or persons in question.

“We will analyze which version has emerged and we will be able to determine if this breach of duty requires an official government investigation. At the very least, it is worrying, unnecessary and disturbing. “, said Simon Case, who works for the prince William. On the royal side they also affirmed: “It is deeply disturbing that such private information has been revealed, which is not only deeply personal to the Queen, but also has pervasive security implications.”.

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