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Inexpensive into the smart home: systems from Pearl, Hornbach and Aqara in comparison

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Deciding to get started with the Smart Home is easier if the components are inexpensive and expandable. With the own brands of Pearl, the networking platform “Smart Home by Hornbach” and the range from the Chinese manufacturer Aqara, we are presenting three interesting entry-level packages.

The online retailer Pearl combines various retail brands in the user interface of its Elesion app and thus tries to balance the variety of accessories and reliable compatibility. The Hornbach DIY chain relies on a universal control center that combines technology from third-party manufacturers. Aqara is a classic system manufacturer, but it docks specifically to larger networking platforms such as Apple Home Kit or from Xiaomi. Aqara’s and Pearl’s price structure is generally located on the cheap shelf. At Hornbach, on the other hand, it depends on which partner brands you choose.

Entry into the smart home

Im In the following, we compare which accessory areas the three companies cover, which scenarios can be implemented with them and where there are limits. We also go into setup and operation: How beginner-friendly are the three solutions? Which functions do they offer for manual and automatic switching as well as for sorting the accessories? And last but not least, we are interested in the extent to which the system architecture enables local control without the cloud.

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