Instagram will put the accounts of minors private by default

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One of the most widespread social networks among young people is Instagram. There are not a few who enter the social network and each time they do so with the minimum of age. But being an influential person in these networks is almost an obsession for them, imitating all those who have a notorious profile on the application. For this reason, and to favor your privacy, Instagram puts a new limit on young user accounts to make them private.

Instagram accounts limited to 16 years

Modern parents are very careful what their children do on the Internet. The vast majority know the dangers hidden by the World Wide Web and a good education is key so that young minds know what they can and what not. For that there are different parental control tools that help them keep them safe, but sometimes this is not enough and it is the companies themselves that must set limits.

And this is perfectly seen in social networks, where a profile can be exposed to everyone if it is configured that way. Therefore, to preserve your privacy, Instagram will put the accounts of minors in private by default until 16. This has been confirmed in his blog, where they state that their “recent research showed that young people appreciate a more private experience. During testing, eight out of ten young people accepted the default private settings during registration. “

Remember that all minors can have an account on the Menlo Park social network as long as they are 13 years old and over and that they verify with a specific function. This is in the case of the most consistent and mature, who will have the benefits that their publications go unnoticed by all the profiles that they have not verified as friends. This implies that in the Explore section, nothing of their content will arrive until they reach that point in life where the application lets them do it, if they want to.

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What about those who already have an account on Instagram?

Those who have an Instagram account and are not of legal age may ask themselves this question, but the solution is very simple. It turns out that Instagram will pass by default all youth to private accounts up to 16, but those who already have one can choose it if they have it public. They will get a small section that will indicate the benefits of private pages and they will have to choose whether or not to change them.


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