International Octopus Day: 6 curiosities of these fascinating cephalopods

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As the title begins, oddly enough, this October 8 is celebrated the International Octopus Day. It is a date that aims to pay tribute to one of the marine species that it has been able to survive the longest on earth. Likewise, their permanence in it is only two to three years.

What kind of animals are octopuses

They are invertebrate marine animals. They are mysterious creatures that differ from the rest by possessing a rather particular appearance, with a somewhat amorphous body from which eight tentacles are detached, which in turn are formed by suction cups. They also have three hearts.

These mollusks are also known as octopuses or cephalopodsSince its body lacks a shell to protect it, long arms that are its tentacles come out of it. Another peculiarity of this species is that They have more than 500 million neurons, which are located in their brain and the rest of the body.

Curiosities of octopuses

With their particular appearance they have been the inspiration of many writers to create animated characters in stories, comics and fiction films, since their appearance can generate in human beings a certain fascination, surprise and even fear. Here are some striking facts about this rare and enigmatic species:

  1. There are some species that are poisonous, which can be lethal both for other marine species and for man.
  2. It is such a versatile animal that up to 300 types can be found of octopuses in the seas around the world.
  3. They have a beak and can breathe through their tentacles.
  4. It is the only marine species, known so far with three hearts, one that pumps blood only towards the organs of the whole body and the others, to pump the blood in its extremities.
  5. They estimate that it may be one of the oldest species on the planet, since traces of an octopus were found, dating from approximately 296 million years.
  6. The females of this species can reproduce up to 100,000 eggs.
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Benefits of eating octopus

Without a doubt, it is a date to celebrate the presence of these enigmatic animals on Earth, which they use humans and ecosystems so that there is a true ecological balance.

It is common for octopuses to be used in gastronomy to prepare different dishes, and their nutritional benefits are also known as iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B.

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