Internet of Things: Eclipse Ditto 2.1 completes integration with Apache Kafka

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Eclipse Ditto was released in version 2.1. The first minor release in the 2-branch completes the integration with Apache Kafka and adds the new one for managed connections misconfigured-Status category to identify faulty configurations.

With the tool for managing digital twins, the Ditto team is pursuing the goal of making the implementation of a custom backend superfluous for IoT applications. In the Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins mean a software pattern that forms a virtual representation of a physical counterpart in the cloud. Thus, the devices should be able to be used like a web service.

The integration with the event streaming platform Apache Kafka already introduced Ditto 0.9 when the tool was still in the incubator of the Eclipse Foundation. This process is considered complete with Ditto 2.1. Until now, the tool only allowed the publishing of messages in the direction of Apache Kafka, but this one-sided relationship has turned into a mutual one: A Ditto Connection can now receive messages from edge devices in which Apache Kafka is used.

Searching in MongoDB should bring significant bandwidth savings in Ditto 2.1. In addition, the Ditto team added the innovation that the search index only updates changed values. Previously, Ditto updated all documents in the search index if even one value of a device changed.

Version 2.1 has a new category for displaying the connection status misconfigured to disposal. So far the status was failedif, for example, the credentials were incorrect or a queue in a message broker did not exist. The status misconfigured should make it clear that it is not a matter of connection errors in the classic sense.

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Those interested can find more information about Eclipse Ditto 2.1 im Ditto-Blog as in den Release Notes.


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