Ioan Gruffudd “Fantastic Four” Actor files restraining order against ex-wife Alice Evans

When the separation of the Hollywood couple was announced in a statement published by The Daily Mail, after being married since the last year 2007, it was mentioned that everything would be done on “good terms” to preserve the mental state of their girls.

However, the peace agreement lasted very soon after Ioan Gruffudd, decided to formally file for divorce and announced in the coming weeks his new love affair with fellow actress, Bianca Wallace.

The Welsh artist, known to many thanks to his performance in The Fantastic 4, made the hard determination to ask the American justice for a restraining order against his ex-wife, actress, and mother of his two daughters, Alice Evans.

Reason for order

It all started in March 2021, when Gruffudd began the process of separating from Alice Evans. The actor stated that when he told his then-wife that he wanted to separate, his response was a concrete threat: “He said that if I let her he would publish false accusations about me and tell made-up stories to the media that would destroy me and my career.”

The data of the recent episode are known thanks to the access obtained by People magazine (113 pages of transcripts of text messages, emails, and Instagram and Facebook posts).

Gruffudd added that “He told me he would win.” The words alerted the actor, whose team of lawyers proceeded with the restraining order when Evans began, through messages, to carry out those threats and to tell that her ex-husband was addicted to drugs.

Tests with similarity of other media ruptures

Among the evidence presented is a message that draws quite a lot of attention and cites the breakup of another famous actor. The message presented indicates that Alice Evans threatened him by saying that she will do with him “the same thing that Amber Heard did with Johnny Deep”, and even involved her daughters in such texts.

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“Alice threatened to tell me that she had abused her and our daughters and that if I didn’t do what she wanted I would go to the police and put myself behind bars; in addition, he threatened to write a fake intimate diary in which he would put himself in the shoes of a victim of abuse and then publish it. He also said that he would destroy my mother and that no one would believe my word.”

All this told, the actor backed it up with documents presented before the US justice.

Restraining order

Before executing the drastic measure, Gruffudd’s lawyers had asked the actress, 53, to stop making the ill-intentioned comments, but when she did not comply with the request she decided to resort to the legal route.

Gruffudd, 48, took legal action against Evans, seeking a restraining order that prevents him from approaching within 100 meters of himself and his new partner, Bianca Wallace. Documents obtained by People added that the request for restriction also features that it cannot contact any of them by any means.

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