Jane Fonda asks to boycott restaurants that serve octopus: “They are extremely intelligent animals”

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The actress Jane Fonda has asked this Friday to boycott the restaurants that serve octopus because “they are sentient creatures and they are tremendously intelligent.” At 83, Fonda remains active in her fight against climate change. And one of his last defenses has been this on cephalopods, which, he has declared, “have emotions.” It is clear that Fonda is not aware of the value of octopus in Galician gastronomy, without going any further.

The statement is somewhat risky, since the intelligence of the animals is not something confirmed, from the scientific point of view, but anything goes in the environmental discourse. The actress has been very concerned about the planet health during an interview with Public mirror in which he has also transferred that he closely follows the last hour of the La Palma volcano. For Fonda, the images left by the eruption of Cumbre Vieja on the Canary Island are “at the same time beautiful and terrifying” and he has sent his support to those affected: “I feel very bad for the people who lived there.”

With eight decades on her shoulders, the actress who captivated in the eighties with her aerobics videos does not dye her hair, declares herself against cosmetic surgery and says she only uses second-hand clothes. During her interview on the morning show, Fonda called on international leaders to stop kneeling “before fossil fuel companies and look to the future of citizens and children in particular.”

Jane Fonda has also given some of her keys to staying jovial at his age. He has said that he sleeps 8 hours a day, that he eats only fresh food and that he keeps his youthful spirit by questioning things: “Every day I learn new things”, has pointed out. The interview is part of the promotion of the book ‘What can I do, from despair to action’ that the actress has just published.

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The covid: “A gift from God”

The actress starred in scandalous claims in 2020 when she referred to the coronavirus as “a gift from God.” The little virus that has put the whole world in check, disrupted entire economies and killed millions of people over the past two years is a blessing for the actress.

For Fonda, the coronavirus allowed Donald Trump stop being president of the United States so he celebrated his irruption in world society. “We are people who can help determine which path humanity will take. What a great gift, what a tremendous opportunity, we are very luckyWe just have to use it with every ounce of intelligence and courage and with the means we have. I believe that Covid is a gift from God for the left »he said in a video posted on his social networks.

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