Japanese Women: Meet Japanese Girls On Top Dating Sites

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Japanese women are from the most exotic place in the world. Japan is one of the most homogenous countries where foreign marriages were not common until now. Nowadays, you can meet Japanese girls willing to get married to foreigners, and if you’re interested in committed relationships, you better try your luck with single Japanese women who can change your life for good.

Dating Japanese girl can be the dream of many single men interested in meeting a respectful, docile, and sexy candidate for marriage. But there are some critical things to know about them, and before you start looking for Japanese girls, you should discover more interesting things about them. The more you know about them, the better outcomes you can expect, so follow this guide on Japanese women dating online.

Top 5 Best Dating Websites to Meet Japanese Women Online

1. Eastern Honeys 

Japanese women are among the most charming Asian ladies, and you can easily meet them on Eastern Honeys, offering a large user base of Japanese girls for dating and serious relationships.

2. Asian Melodies 

When it comes to dating Japanese women, then Asian Melodies is the best dating site for you. You can simply meet your Japanese soulmate with just a few clicks.

3. AsiaMe

For those seeking a chance to meet and date exotic Japanese women, AsiaMe is a dating website that offers a real chance to date them. Thanks to a wide range of services, you’ll never have problems meeting Asian girls.

4. DateAsianWoman 

With the DateAsianWoman dating website, you won’t have problems meeting hot Japanese women to create strong bonds with them.

5. AsianBeautyOnline 

Sexy and hot Japanese women are easily accessible on the AsianBeautyOnline dating platform. Register and find your soulmate within a few minutes. 

Travel Guide

When thinking of Asian brides, it’s common to think of this country where you can meet hot ladies waiting for your attention. There are many great places where you should visit, and thus, several days won’t be enough to discover all the best places in Japan.

Top 5 cities in Japan

Dating Japanese girls can be better in well-known cities where tourists come. You’ll find many interesting ladies who are interested in meeting foreigners, and thus, you better plan your journey to the following cities:

  • Kyoto. With its nature and modern architecture, Kyoto is one of the most visited places in Japan. Its Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is indeed mesmerizing.
  • Osaka. It’s one of the modern places, and its architecture is quite modern, as it was reconstructed after being destroyed in the war.
  • Sapporo. One of the best cities to visit is Sapporo. But mainly, it appeals to the people interested in winter resorts. If you’re into skiing, this is the best place in Japan.
  • Tokyo. The capital city is one of the best places to spend your vacation, and the nightlife in this city is never boring.
  • Fukuoka. One of the best things about this city is the chance to see the Mitama Festival. During this festival, 6,000 lanterns are lit to welcome the spirits of the dead people.
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Where to stay in Japan

The truth is that staying in Japan can be expensive. Still, besides offering a wide range of hotels, you can find many great hostels. What’s more, this country offers exotic yet affordable places to stay, such as capsular hotels.

Getting around Japan

Perhaps it’s hard to find a country more advanced than Japan in terms of transportation. Besides great buses, you can also benefit from speed trains. You can hire a car if you’re into traveling on your own.  

10 features of Japanese girls

Why are Japanese brides popular among Western guys? There are myriads of reasons making them popular and in demand. One of the main things to highlight is their loyalty and commitment to their men. Besides, Japanese women are ladies who can combine Western and traditional values while being committed and docile partners. That’s not all. Here are other great features to discover:

  • Stunning appearance. Just glance at women like Erika Toda, Nozomi Sasaki, and Yuriko Yoshitaka. They demonstrate that Japanese women can be considered really charming and elegant, making them special for marriage and relationships.
  • Sexy bodies. What can you see when looking at Aya Ueto and Mikako Tabe? It’s clear that Japanese women are quite slim. Indeed, it’s a rare case to see chubby women in Japan. Most of them have thin waists, slim and fit bodies, and long legs, giving them a charming look.
  • High standards of beauty. One of the main things to mention about single Japanese women is that they’re obsessed with their appearances. In Japan, high standards of beauty make Japanese women invest a lot, and it’s not surprising why plastic surgeries are in demand in this country.
  • The politest women.  Manners are always important in the culture of Japan. When dating a Japanese girl, you’ll notice how polite she can be, and this is a common trait of people from Japan. You won’t expect them to be rude by any means.
  • Respectful ladies. Respect is an important virtue every person should have in Japan. Ladies in this country are really respectful in a relationship, and you can be sure that no matter what happens, your Japanese girlfriend will respect you.
  • Passionate dames. It can seem that these respectful Japanese women are shy and reserved, but don’t rush to judge them. Actually, Japanese girls are known for their passionate nature. Dating Japanese girls means indulging in intimacy, giving you more incredible moments.
  • Disciplined and punctual dates. When discussing disciplined women, it’s common to imagine ladies from European countries. But here’s where Japanese women can surprise you. If you date Japanese girls, you can always expect them to show up on time.  
  • Awesome cooks. It’s not only a bedroom where Japanese women are great but also great cooks. Japanese ladies are great at cooking food like sashimi, sushi, grilled eel, tempura, buckwheat noodles, wheat noodles, and the like.
  • Fans of group dating. Interestingly, dating is quite common and popular in Japan. There are even blind date events that you can find interesting. Besides, group dating is really common and known as Gokon. This is what makes the Japanese dating culture different from the Western one.
  • Intelligent partners. Did you know that Japanese women are considered the smartest in the world? They’re really intelligent, and they’re never boring to talk to. This makes them even more appealing to Western guys.
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Statistics about Japanese women

Now that you know that Japanese women are versatile ladies for dating and marriage. You may want to meet Japanese girls, and before you do so, why not discover more about them? Here are some interesting facts about them:

  • The marriage rate in Japan. Traditional and modern values live in harmony in Japan. While women are getting more independent, they’re still more traditional than their Western counterparts. For now, the marriage rate is about 4.8 marriages per 1K population, which is quite impressive despite decreasing interest in local marriages.
  • The divorce rate in Japan. Japan is known for having a more traditional model of family where men go to work, and women stay home to take care of their children. Although this trend changes, the divorce rate in this country is quite low compared to Western countries. For now, the divorce rate in the country is about 1.8 divorces per 1K population.
  • The fertility rate in Japan. Still, there’s a problem in the traditional families of Japan, which is a low fertility rate. For now, it’s about 1.36 kids per woman. It’s quite low compared to other Asian countries, indicating that Japanese women are less interested in having more than 2 kids.
  • The average age of marriage.  The increasing average age of marriage can explain a steady decrease in local marriages and the fertility rate among Japanese girls. For now, they tend to marry when they’re 29 or older. This average age is quite high when compared to Asian countries.  
  • Gender equality. Better life conditions, improved career opportunities, and better education explain why Japanese women are more interested in careers and self-improvement. Japan ranks high when it comes to countries with improved conditions for women.

How to date a Japanese girl?

Dating Japanese women is a great experience for Western guys, as they’re interesting, funny, and cute ladies who can surprise you in bed and kitchen. It’s time to consider how you can date them properly. Here are tips to help you date Japanese women:  

  • Make the first move. You better not expect them to make the first move. They’re not brave enough for this, but they’ll value you if you do that.
  • Initiate the conversation. The first dates can be boring if you don’t have engaging conversations. You better be talkative at first so your girlfriend can feel more confident.
  • Never forget to compliment. Dating a Japanese woman is to meet a lady who’ll dress to impress, not to mention that she’ll do her best to impress you with her appearance. So, don’t forget to compliment her.
  • Keep communication alive. Don’t silence be a part of your communication? That’ll make your girlfriend feel awkward. Be sure that she’s not bored or too silent.
  • Never rush to sex. Premarital sex is an inevitable part of dating Japanese women. But avoid rushing them. Take your time, and your patience will pay off for sure.
  • Don’t show off too much. They’re into confident men, but they don’t like arrogant guys. Be sure that you don’t overdo your confidence.
  • Ask before splitting the bills. Splitting the bill can be a complicated issue in Japan. In some places, women are okay when men pay for them, but that’s not always the case. So, ask before you pay the bills.
  • Always have a few good jokes. A good sense of humor is a key factor in making Japanese women fall in love with you. They love when men make them smile and laugh. So, get prepared before a date.  
  • Be active in her life. You should be actively engaged in communication not only when you meet in person. Never forget to message and call your lady.
  • Be a good friend at the beginning. In Japan’s dating culture, a great love starts with a great friendship. So, be a good friend at first to get her love.

Where to meet Japanese women

To date Japanese women, you should know where to find them. There are many great places where you can meet ladies for dating and relationships. But are they interested in foreigners? Do Japanese women like American men? Actually, Japanese girls are into foreigners, especially men from the US. So, you can be lucky to meet your single-minded lady right now, but you should know where to start.

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A trip to Japan

Going to Japan might seem like a good idea. First of all, it offers a wide range of nightlife places where you can meet singles interested in foreigners. What’s more, you can visit some popular attractions where women are waiting for their chance to meet single guys like you. But there’s another way of meeting Japanese women.

Online dating sites

How about meeting Japanese women dating online? With online dating websites, you can easily meet your soulmate. Here are the top 5 benefits of dating Japanese women on top sites:

  • Convenience. Online dating has always been a convenient way of meeting and dating ladies without needing to arrange a trip to Japan, a country known for being quite expensive.
  • Easiness. Besides being convenient, dating online offers a much easier alternative to conventional dating, where you can meet someone with just a few clicks. 
  • Cheap prices. A trip to Japan won’t be cheap, but this is not true when talking about online dating, which is much cheaper.
  • More options. The only place to meet a higher concentration of charming ladies in a single place is through dating sites. So, you’ll never run out of ladies to date.
  • Less disappointment. You can get better outcomes when dating online, as you get to know more about your prospective partner before you even meet in person.

The final thoughts

Planning to meet a Japanese woman dating online? You just need a good and reliable internet dating platform offering a chance to meet the hottest Japanese girls for dating and marriage. Thanks to such a platform, you’ll meet your future soulmate without needing to leave your place. So, it’s time to seek beautiful Japanese girls.

The news and editorial staff of Market Research Telecast had no role in this article’s preparation.

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