“Jon Bon Jovi talks about his future daughter-in-law Millie Bobby Brown and shares his most embarrassing video moment”

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Jon Bon Jovi has given his opinion on his son Jake’s engagement to actress Millie Bobby Brown. Speaking on On Radio Andy, Bon Jovi celebrated love of all ages and stressed that the youth of those involved is not particularly relevant. The musician encouraged the idea of growing together, and used his own marriage with Dorothea, whom he has been with since high school, as an example to support his notion. Bon Jovi also spoke highly of his future daughter-in-law, calling her wonderful and praising her family.

In a separate part of the interview, Bon Jovi also talked about his band’s early video clips. He admitted that clips from the first two albums were embarrassing but praised the third album as this was when the band had finally figured out how to promote a track. Bon Jovi acknowledged that he didn’t have any experience with making music videos and complained that the directors involved in making them were often unhelpful. However, things started to change when the band started filming themselves performing. This was evident in the videos made for the tracks ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’, ‘Livin’ on a Prayer,’ and ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’.

Overall, Bon Jovi was candid in his interview and expressed his views on various topics with ease and confidence.

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