Jonathan Maicelo gave a mini boxing gloves to Maricarmen Marín’s baby | VIDEO

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Maricarmen Marin She returned to the host of the program “Women in command” after being 4 months pregnant and since then, each guest of the entertainment space steps on the television set with a gift for the presenter.

Such is the case of boxer Jonathan Maicelo, who arrived on the set of “Women in command” with a tender present for Marín’s baby.

The gift came with an envelope and Maricarmen took the time to open it in the middle of the live program. After a few seconds of mystery, the driver revealed that she received small pink gloves for her baby.

“That beautiful! This is for my daughter to be strong ”, the television presenter expressed very excited.

It is not the first time that Marín has received a present for her long-awaited baby. Recently, the sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia visited the set of “Women in command” and gave her a white outfit.

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