Kali Linux 2021.3 is now more fun in VMs

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The special distribution Kali Linux based on Debian GNU / Linux has been released in version 2021.3. The developers particularly emphasize that the system should now run better in virtual machines.

As can be seen from a post In addition to various updates for the ARM architecture and a visual revision, the current version brings more support for older encryption algorithms. The Android version of the system, NetHunter, can now be installed on a smartwatch for the first time.

Kali Linux is aimed at everyone who wants to track down and investigate security gaps in IT systems as part of their professional or private activities. It comes with a large number of preconfigured tools, the use of which is helpful or even necessary in the context of security analyzes.

So far, Kali Linux has not run optimally in all areas in VMs. For example, it was not easily possible to copy text in the host system and paste it into the VM. Among other things, the developers have now eliminated this problem. According to them, this applies to VMs set up with Hyper-V, QEMU + Spice, VMware and VirtualBox. Windows users can look forward to the support of Hyper-V Enhanced Session Mode. This means that local resources such as connected USB data carriers can be accessed from a VM.

The developers have changed the configuration of the OpenSSL crypto library so that old and insecure protocols such as TLS 1.0 are now active by default. What seems absurd, makes sense in the context of a system like Kali Linux: Now security researchers can carry out attacks on these protocols directly. However, the developers leave their users a back door: The security mode of Kali Linux can be set to “Strong”, which deactivates the old algorithms.

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The pentesting system comes with so many tools that admins often have difficulty maintaining an overview. For Kali Linux 2021.2 there was already a website for the documentation of the distribution. Well there is also one Online directory of all included toolswhich also includes a search function. This should prove to be particularly helpful for those new to Kali Linux.

The current Kali version of the KDE Plasma desktop environment is updated to Plasma 5.21. This changes the look of the desktop slightly, especially since Plasma 5.21 has a new start menu. But there is no reason to panic: Kali Linux already uses Xfce ex works, so that many should not even notice the change. If you manually switch Kali to KDE, you will recognize many design elements of the old desktop, so that most users will get used to it quickly.

The NetHunter version for the TicHunter-Pro-Smartwatch. Currently, attacks can be run on it via USB and you can use some of the basic functions of Kali Linux. In the near future, however, the NetHunter range of functions on smartwatches should increase and you should be able to use it via Nexmon Mobile monitoring of networks.

Kali Linux is available for download for a variety of platforms. In addition to live versions for x86 and x64, this also includes finished images for various virtualizers. There are also issues for the Raspberry Pi and containers for Docker environments.


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