Kate Middleton and Prince William have a secret room at Kensington Palace

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Kate Middleton Prince William

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a room equipped with everything you need in case of emergency: a secret tunnel, protection against biological warfare, food, and water to last a week.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William reside at Kensington Palace surrounded by luxuries. Considering that in the future he will occupy the throne of England (and she will be the queen consort), what they do not lack are security measures either. We imagined that they did not skimp on everything related to their protection, but what we have just learned has left us hallucinating: they have a ‘top secret’ panic room and even a tunnel to escape in case of emergency.

The part of the palace destined for the residence of the Dukes of Cambridge has four floors and twenty rooms. Well, there is one of these rooms that is not like the others but houses everything necessary so that Kate Middleton, Prince William, and their children can protect themselves in case of emergency. And when we say everything, we mean it, because this room has an air filtration system, protection against possible biological warfare, and even a tunnel, according to Global Citizen.

Royalty’s panic rooms are designed to withstand poisonous gases, bombs, and terrorist attacks. In addition, they are equipped with everything you need to communicate safely, beds and food to endure for at least a week. The aforementioned media also ensures that Queen Elizabeth II has at her disposal one of these rooms (we did not expect less), whose walls are covered with steel, is resistant to bullets, and are 18 centimeters thick.

In addition to their apartment in the palace, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a country house in Norfolk, where they surely do not lack anything either. Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have such a security system in their California mansion? We wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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